Light of the Moon

Light of the Moon, painting by Joshua Coffy, The Gift Prolific 2016

Before reconnecting with Rupert after 25 years, I was frustrated with the man-child tendencies of the men I was meeting. I told a friend, “I’m the green fairy, but I don’t need to be Tinkerbell, lighting the way for Peter Pan. I need the light of the moon to shine on me and light my way.”

While in Europe this summer, I was inspired by Peggy Guggenheim, who encouraged buying art from living artists. When I saw Joshua Coffy’s painting, Light of the Moon, I knew it was meant to be on my mantle.

I came home from the wedding last night to find it waiting for me at my door. Now it’s on my mantle, with Rupert’s urn below it.

Life is so weird, but I’m so glad to have this beautiful painting by a true friend.

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