As I’m listening to the Creed film score, I can’t help but think about this track, “Redemption.” If you’ve seen the movie it stays true to its predecessors following the formula that many love to watch repeatedly. We know that sometimes the underdog wins and sometimes they don’t. I think these movies are good and humanizing the protagonist.

By mixing some of the old with the new the movie invites us to take a closer look, which may spark you to take something more than a compelling story away from it.

What does redemption mean to you?

I typically find ways to identify with characters in movies. Once the movie has ended I’m searching for answers in my own life.

I was never in the ring, but I’ve taken some punches to the body and head. Some have been by people that I once thought to be friends.

There is a quote from the Creed movie about being on the same team. You could’ve fooled me. “You trying to get me hurt, unc?” Teammates can and sometimes do become opponents and that may escalate to enemy status.

Looks like someone fell for the okie-doke. What happens then? Are they Clubber Lang to your Rocky? I know how this is going to end. My prediction for the fight may be as Lang stated, “pain.”

Can the relationship ever experience redemption? Does it have a fighting chance? Or do you take the hit and keep going? Accept that’s the way it’s going to be and focus your energy elsewhere.

Rocky and Apollo started off as opponents and became friends. Ultimately, they respected each other.

Remember Tommy Gun? Rocky was crushed when he betrayed him. It hurt, but Rocky shook it off. He later took care of business and that little problem.

You can’t win every one, but you will keep fighting. Learning things the hard way is never fun. Hard lessons still sting, but you don’t have worry about being fooled twice.

If you get knocked down, get up and get in there. Keep swinging. Mickey said so.