There was an app for that

As apps have laid claim to the throne of ruling our phones, computers, lives, and the world, it’s disheartening when I have to refrain from apps I enjoy. This usually happens once they get acquired.

I will see my Sunrise app rise one last time on August 31st before it fades into the sunset. I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since I started using the app that put my calendar productivity game on another level. I don’t remember who recommended it. That was before the days of Product Hunt, which is currently where I get my daily dose of apps.

For old times’ sake: Sunrise on Product Hunt

I remember it coming out on the iPhone and my Android friends were asking me what gives. It must not be “that” good if it’s not on Android yet. Right, you’ll see. It wasn’t until a year later, but they eventually experienced the bright rays of my dear Sunrise.

I knew last year when Microsoft announced it had acquired Sunrise that it would eventually come to an end. It doesn’t have to be stated at the time of the announcement, but it’s almost inevitable, Mr. Anderson.

I’ve been around long enough to know the acquisition happens because said company doesn’t want to compete with the product or instead of innovating in-house, they decide to purchase an innovative team. Kudos to the Sunrise team as I think the amount was around $100 million.

As the sun sets on Microsoft’s Sunrise, here are the best alternative calendar apps for iOS

Later in the year, I finally read the inevitable, Sunrise was setting. But wait, I could use it on Outlook Mobile. LOL! As if I want to do that. I’ve been holding out even after I saw the notification in Sunrise notifying me it would end on August 31st.


I’ve been watching Product Hunt and I have a few alternatives. I hear Fantastical 2 is good, albeit it’s $4.99. If Sunrise would’ve charged me the same price, I would’ve gladly paid it. I’ve looked into Calendars 5, BusyCal, and Google Calendar. The latter is free, but I’m sure it won’t be like my Sunrise. If I’m missing a good one, please let me know.

Alternatives to Sunrise on Product Hunt

The last time this happened to me was when LinkedIn acquired last year. That app had special, prime placement on my phone. I loved the homework it did on people for me. I could do the research myself, but why waste the time when an app did it for me?

Additionally, I could add my own insights about people. Oh, that was lovely. It’s gone. And I’m sure most reading this knows LinkedIn was acquired by Microsoft.

On the bright side, I have a friend working on an app that may be a step up from Refresh.