Four Reasons Why College Degrees Are Becoming Useless
The Mission

This article is right on target. As a Chemist who taught in colleges and universities I can attest that there is a serious disconnect between what is taught in the majority of Ivory Towers and the knowledge needed to be successful subsequently.

Principle among the gross omissions is the training in the capacity to think in any one of several methods, e.g. critical, creative, business, etc. Think is the single skill which effect subsequent success. No degree of determination, smartness, or need can make up for the inability to think clearly and dependably.

One clear sign of higher education recognizing their gross failure is that tenure, the ticket to retire while employed , is becoming a thing of the past. Maybe it is about time the management of higher education recognized the total conflict between a life time employment agreement and the job market of the real world. ( Note, I held tenure at one institution and Full Professorship at another before leaving academia for the real world of Chemistry. )

I am currently developing written and verbal directions in the areas of thinking for personal development.

Think you for this article and please keep me informed of you proposed meeting this Fall.

Dr. William B. Harrison

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