The Perks of Frosted Perspex

Though we know that Perspex excels glass in everything from functionality to versatility, frosted Perspex takes the whole thing to a new level. There are a number of perks which can be reaped by working with Perspex.

Nowadays, Perspex can usually be found in a wide range of variants in the Australian market, including the ones having polished and frosted surfaces. The latter options do not reflect any light unlike their polished counterparts and have a roughened or sandblasted texture. They are beneficial for certain applications which require that kind of material. There are many people who prefer frosted Perspex instead of any other similar material available in the market, and that too due to several reasons. Let’s have a look at a few of those reasons in detail:


Frosted sheets of Perspex in Sydney are often used as an alternative for glass in residential and commercial grade building to create partitions between two consecutive spaces. For instance, glass cubicles have become a trend in modern offices because they promote transparency in figurative as well as literal sense. However, use of 100 percent transparent glass can make a person working inside feel eyed all the time. But substituting the entirely see-through partition with a dividing mechanism of frosted Perspex can provide privacy to the occupant without alienating them from the remaining office.


Frosted Perspex sheets are more versatile in every way than regular glass and also durable. They are not at all fragile and can withstand impacts effectively without breaking or warping. Let’s see a simple example to comprehend the durability of frosted Perspex. Many people consider chrome and glass an ideal combination for modern balconies. However, glass can get broken due to intense storms or if there are many kids playing in the area. Considering the probability of these mishaps, Perspex can be a more durable option. A coloured frosted sheet can add fun to the overall visual impact.


In Sydney, professionals dealing with acrylic materials often use frosted Perspex sheets in clever ways for various applications, such as playing on texture by juxtaposing frosted and polished layers to achieve a unique effect. For example, a typical sheet is drawn on and covered at certain places, and then sandblasted. When the coverings have been taken off, what remain are nothing less than exquisite decorative pieces ideal for use in lamp shades, flower stalls and other similar objects. Horizontal and vertical strips of frosted Perspex may also be used for creating beautiful architectural designs.

Besides the factors of privacy, durability and style, what makes frosted Perspex so favourable is ease it can worked with, be it cutting the sheets as per required specifications or adding fixture spaces in them.

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