Why Should You Get Acrylic Signage For Your Business

Want to get a good shop front sign for your business? Wondering whether you should go for an acrylic option or not?

Acrylic or PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) is among the most popularly used plastic materials in the modern times. This is because not only does acrylic possess great versatility and durability, but its professional smooth-finish and transparency also makes it an ideal substitute for glass. Lots of sign making companies utilise common brands of this material, such as Lucite, Plexiglass, Perspex, etc. for creating stunning and attention-grabbing shop front signage in Sydney.

So if you have been thinking about getting Perspex signage for your retail business in Sydney, take a look at the benefits you would be able to reap if you actually get an acrylic sign:

Lightweight & Long-Lasting

As has been mentioned already, acrylic is quite popular for its remarkable durability. The sturdy plastic is not just significantly shatter-resistant, but can withstand all kinds of inclement weather conditions also. This is why it is regarded as ideal for indoor as well as outdoor usage. And despite being tough, PMMA is relatively lighter compared to glass, thereby allowing for easy installation and transportation. Its portability also reduces the risks of dropping & breaking. All these qualities of acrylic ensure that anything made out of it lasts for many years to come, which in turn, makes the investment worthwhile.

Attractive & Professional

Since acrylic looks exactly like glass, it offers a sophisticated and clean background for embedding simple graphics or text. Thus, when a signage is being prepared out of the material, it can easily accommodate a company logo in the form of 3D lettering. Apart from signs, acrylic can also be used for making name plates which sit atop the table of employees.


There is virtually no limit for acrylic to be customised because the material can be easily molded or bent into any size or shape at comfortable temperatures. This makes it really easy for plastic fabricators to personalise a sign as per the individual requirements of a client. Apart from that, an acrylic signage can have practically any design affixed or printed to it, which enables one to achieve a suitable appearance for the business.

Nowadays, acrylic signage products are utilised by a wide range of commercial places, including restaurants, hotels, confectioneries, and of course, retail shops. They are even seen commonly on the doors of doctor’s offices or business establishments. So if you wish to get a durable sign for your business, you won’t find anything better, more durable and more inexpensive than PMMA.

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