Introduction to the Chakras — Psychic Reading

Chakras are spiritually recognised energy points within your body. It is commonly known that we have seven main chakra points throughout our body. In this introduction to the chakras, I will focus on the Chakras points and where they are located in your body. I will explain what each chakra point relates to, along with the colours and commonly recognised crystals that correspond with each one. I will take your through some of what I call the ‘signs and symptoms’ of healthy balanced chakras verses blocked or sluggish chakra points.

Discover some simple techniques that you can easily introduce into your daily routine to help bring balance and clarity back into your life. You can also contact the best psychic readers at Absolute Soul Secrets for a low cost psychic reading to gain some focus. Basic knowledge of the chakras will help you recognise areas of your life that may need a bit of work or a change of focus.

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Remember Chakras play a big part in our spiritual well being and balance, as well as our overall health and emotional wellness. You can use affirmations and visualisation to clear and heal your chakras, to manifest health, wealth and happiness.


1) Base/ Root Chakra. Found at the base of the spine/ tailbone. Deep Red.

Relates to your thoughts and beliefs concerning money, material wealth, survival instincts, security and stability.

Unbalanced — fear and concern around financial situations, not feeling safe, feeling insecure.

Balance through meditation, exercise, gardening or time outside in nature without shoes if possible, to help with grounding your energy. This will bring abundant opportunities with both business and positive personal financial flow, along with feelings of empowerment and clarity to make positive choices.

Crystals — Garnet, smokey quartz and agate. Essential Oils — Clove, Cedar and Myrrh.

2) Sacral Chakra. Found in the lower abdomen below the naval. Orange.

Relates to your thoughts and beliefs regarding sexuality, intimacy, relationships, reproduction, creation, desires and opportunities.

Unbalanced — relationship problems, lack of belief in deserving what you desire, intimacy problems and lack or fear of sexual confidence.

You may want to book a relationship reading with the clear and accurate psychics at Absolute Soul Secrets to gain some understanding if you are struggling to make sense of these areas in your life. A psychic email reading can also give you a starting point to work from, easily referring back to your psychic email readings to check your progress.

Maintain the balance within your Sacral chakra with positive affirmations, manifesting your desires through focusing positive thoughts, beliefs and attention on what you DO WANT in your life, instead of stressing and thinking negative thoughts.

Crystals — Carnelian and or Moonstone. Essential Oils — Sandalwood and YlangYlang

3) Solar plexus Chakra. Found in the upper abdomen, below your breastbone. Yellow.

Relates to your thoughts and beliefs regarding self esteem, confidence, inner strength and emotional strength. Gut feelings. I call it the seat of your emotions.

Unbalanced — negative thoughts and feelings, unsure of you, feeling overwhelmed. You may feel a swirling or feeling of nausea when around negative people or situations. (Hence the gut feeling).

Create balance with the following affirmation: I release all fears and struggles concerning my power now. I create a loving and harmonious life for myself and those around me.

Crystals — Citrine, Amber, Tiger’s Eye. Essential Oils — Camomile, Lemon.

4) Heart Chakra. Located in the chest. Green.

Relates to your thoughts and beliefs regarding universal love, self love, giving and receiving love, the ability to enjoy what you do.

Unbalanced — Difficulty with relationships, negative self talk, lack of belief in loving relationships.

A psychic relationship reading can suggest affirmations to learn to love and be kind to yourself. A low cost psychic reading can help you release any obstacles that may be holding you back from living your dreams.

Crystals — Green Jade, Emerald, Rose Quartz. Essential Oils — Rose, Bergamot.

5) Throat Chakra. Located at base of throat. Blue.

Relates to clear communication, speaking your truth and self-expression.

Unbalanced — communication problems, crossed words with others, sore or scratchy throat.

Singing is a great way to maintain a positive flow of energy to the throat chakra. Speaking your truth and using kind words is also another way to balance.

Crystals — Turquoise, Blue Lace Agate, Aquamarine. Essential oILS — Lavender, Sage.

6) Brow Chakra (Third Eye). Found between eyebrows. Indigo.

Relates to your thoughts and beliefs regarding foresight, intuition and insight, clairvoyance and spiritual visions.

Unbalanced — inability to think clearly and make confident decisions. Fear or inability to see the bigger picture.

Meditation will restore balance to the brow chakra. Speak with a telephone psychic today for tips on how to meditate. You could also ask for a clairvoyant reading into your future so you can start to trust your direction and the signs that will guide you along the way.

A vision board is a great way to work with your brow chakra to achieve your goals and dreams.

Crystals — Lapis Lazuli. Sodalite. Essential Oils — Jasmine, Patchouli, Rosemary, Basil.

7) Crown Chakra. Located at the crown of your head. Violet/ bright white.

Relates to spiritual connection. Spiritual awareness and enlightenment.

Unbalanced — mood swings, loss of belief in yourself, your dreams and those around you. Exhaustion and sluggish energy.

Get some spiritual guidance with the accurate psychic readers at Absolute Soul Secrets. Turn your attention to something you enjoy doing and clear your negative thoughts. Journaling is also a good way to create a balance.

Crystal — Amethyst. Essential Oil — Frankincense.

Become aware of what your body is telling you through your chakra points, and make the appropriate changes where necessary. Book a psychic reading today…….you will be glad you did.

Author Bio: The writer is an expert in the field of Live Psychic Reading with focus on Daily Horoscope.