How did homosexuality get invented?

The Chinese invented it on June 9th 1969.

Due to the patriarchy China started the 1 child policy, to reduce the infestation of females. The Chinese Supreme Patriarchal Overlords foresaw that parents would want their only child to be a male, due to their industrial applications.

What the Wise Patriarchies didn’t consider is… sex is pretty awesome. People like sex…

The Chinese Alpha Male Supreme Mega Emperor dispatched the best academic minds to find a way for China to have its cake and have sex too. But how could two males have sex with each other? Finally removing the need for the inferior females.

Well, after a lot of tough research of the finest male sexual predators China has to offer it was discovered the asshole has vagina like properties. The vagina and asshole have a shared property, the ability to take a dick.

Thus, homosexuality was invented.

That’s the absolute truth, no questions!

P.S. Lesbians don’t exist, as a suitable dick replacement has never been found on the female body.