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I am the founder of A Connecte Inc. a Web 3.0 company that intends on selling consumer market data to firms for internet users. This will give power back to the people that make up the global market by compensating them with a digital currency called the AC coin for their data. I got the idea after years of studying both market trends in the cryptocurrency space and how companies rely on consumer data in their decision-making process. Most importantly, the impact productive capacity backed currencies can have in supporting the economy.

There is no question about the impact technology has had on the people. The goal has always been to make life easier and simpler for those using it. I’ve understood technology to be a tool that when used effectively can accelerate the gears spinning the wheel of life. One of the two biggest technological advancements ever is the computer and the internet.

This dynamic duo has stood the test of time. The reason so is because it makes life for its users so much easier. Communication is one of the most simplified avenues. Business processes in specific have significantly simplified as a result. With the introduction of CRM and Digital Advertisers, as well as the rise of E-Commerce, the business has become much easier for both employers and employees than ever before.

There have been some companies looking to disrupt the simplicity technology brings to real people that use it in our universe, in hopes of maximizing profits and returning value to shareholders. The metaverse and web 3.0 have been widely anticipated as being the next frontier, yet many people still don’t know what it is and what it will mean to internet users.

Let me explain:

First things first, Web 3.0 doesn’t exist yet but it is certainly coming, and when it does it will change how the internet is used by the people that make it up. To understand Web 3.0 one first must understand the foundation of the internet.

Web 1.0 was a system of servers and computers communicating with one another and just sending information from a server to computers. Initially, users were only able to read pages, not edit.

Web 1.0 Architecture

Web 2.0 introduced mobile devices communicating with servers, and developed social networks which allowed users to also edit webpages by contributing their data to the space. So now users were able to read and write in this space with computers now adding data to servers.

Web 2.0 Architecture

Web 3.0 will bring back the nature of communication to the internet with no intermediaries and peer-to-peer data structure. It will provide the connectedness that created the foundation of the internet, while also incorporating more secure avenues for communicating from device to device. With a user-centric approach allowing users more control over there own data, individuals who make up different communities will have more influence in their communities rather then just being receptive to information.

Web 3.0 Architecture … DHT

More specifically, Holochain has designed the framework for how Web 3.0 applications will be designed. Above is a diagram of their patented DHT framework(Distributed Hash Table) that makes it nearly impossible to hack as nodes are distributed across the network.

With that rise of more individuality and self governance in digital spaces companies will need to understand the individuals that make up these networks, which is why I created my company. Users will be able to share the information they what to the A Connecte Network in exchange digital currency.

Initially I was bearish of the concept of NFT’s because I didn’t understand why someone would want to by a JPEG. Then I came across a project called 169 Pixel Gang, and I knew I wanted a piece. They are a project that is making an adult sitcom out of all of its characters they are selling as NFTs.

If you see this masked shooter on T.V. I own him ; — )




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