5 Ways to Solve The Lead Generation vs Conversion Conundrum

The lead generation versus conversion conundrum?

Is your sales team doing enough to convert and close generated leads?

One of the key aspects have our clients focus on is selecting goals. Is it the goal to generate a higher number of leads or gaining better quality leads.

Naturally, everybody wants more leads and more sales.

Recently we analysed the metrics and patterns of a client who felt HubSpot just wasn’t working in their business.

Throughout the research process, it became apparent that HubSpot was, in fact, generating leads from contacts that could become potential prospects.

Using HubSpot allows for accurate closed-loop reporting on your company’s marketing activities. We were able to use HubSpot to drill down and discover the real problems.

In this case, it was the sales team who were allowing marketing created opportunities pass by through inefficient sales processes.

Ever hear these murmurs from your sales team?

“Thing’s are a bit slow.”
“Market is quiet right now.”
“Not much is happening.”
“We’re not getting the right people in.”
“Customers aren’t ready to hear from me now.”

If you’ve heard these phrases before, alarm bells should be sounding. These common excuses are warning signs that your sales force is just not working hard enough.

You might have a gut feel, but how can you prove it?

This has been a huge problem for marketing teams worldwide since, like-totally-OMG-forever!

Converting generated marketing qualified leads into successful sales is a lot like fishing. To reel in a prize catch, you need specialised equipment, tempting bait, patience and hard work.

Is your sales department operating on the assumption that the perfect fish will just leap into your boat?

How often do you hear of big, fresh fish willingly jumping out of the ocean and straight onto dinner plates? — never!

Unbeknownst to our client, their ideal fish continued to lurk beneath the surface, swimming further out of reach.

Sound familiar?

Here are five initiatives to get your sales team off their backsides and converting leads today.

1. Go completely nuts on LinkedIn

When was the last time you or your sales team thought to use LinkedIn as a prospective lead-converting tool?

By harvesting your LinkedIn contacts, you can gather leads from past customers, as well as securing future clients.

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity

Are you prepared? Prepare for that big chance by asking your previous clients for testimonials.

Why not use LinkedIn to nurture referral business? Ask your existing customers to refer your business to their network.

While you are at it, why not get blogging. Help your prospects solve some problems by publishing on Pulse. Then followed up with some promoted posts to your principal occupation groups.

Have you tried advertising to particular occupations on LinkedIn?

You can advertise to specific roles and industries through LinkedIn.

This has the added advantage of providing you with access to individuals by area and occupation.

Action: Fire up LinkedIn, Setup a dedicated 2-hour “go-get-sales” training block to allow the team to work their magic.

If you need help, The Kingdom runs training sessions to help your sales team use the tool better.

2. Utilise your old business card contacts.

Everybody has loads of business cards. Usually stacked in the top drawer collecting dust. But are those contacts in your CRM?

Why not?

Go through them, import them into your CRM, then email the clients a touch base email to reconnect.

Chances are you may have met face-to-face with people that you have not followed up within days, months or even years.

Activity creates activity.

Action: Investigate card scanning software to make if faster. We love CamCard on the iOS, great for conferences too.

Read on to discover more great tips…

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