Rock, Hole, Tree

Life Lesson

Photo by James Lee on Unsplash

Jim was young and proud of the family farm.

Before day break, he saddled up for chores and off he went!

His Dad had asked him to lean a while on that rock by the hole and old tree near the river bed.

At dinner Dad asked about the rock.

It didn’t budge an inch.

Son, I never expected it to.

I just asked you to lean on it, not move it.



If you are reading this, smile for the camera.

Photo by Matteo Vistocco on Unsplash

My Medium goal is to write articles that offer exciting and unique insights on human behavior.

I follow writers that post short informative articles.

Medium is a hobby, you squeeze it in. Otherwise less time for family, friends, rest and relaxation.

Medium offers us the opportunity to exchange ideas with understanding and civil discourse.



A Personal Story

Photo by Bora Sözüer on Unsplash

In the 70’s I wrote an article for the college paper.

The professor said he expected more from a journalism student.

Come back with a revision tomorrow as he returned to shuffling papers.

I had a few friends read it and it was obvious.

My article was biased. I did not search out or include other points of view.

This single event is why I am an advocate for Public Civil Discourse.

I am optimistic that civil discourse will earn its place at the table and clear a path to a brighter and healthier civilization.