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Organizing online courses for more than 50 or 100 participants has become mandatory. Such courses should contain suitable videos, diversified exercises as well as the possibility to perform tests and exams. Further it should provide interactive activities such as a shared whiteboard and Questions & Answers.

The solution is simple and easy thanks to the e-learning software solution Open edX® platform. With the right software and the right tools, nothing prevents you from running a webinar.

Classic or modern? 90-minute lectures passé?

Experience has shown that 90-minute classroom lessons do not work in the digital world since students quickly lose concentration and get easily distracted. …

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A good learning experience comes when knowledge is repeatedly tested. In our article “Problem types in Open edX” we presented some of the default available problem types in Open edX which you can use to to query knowledge from your learners. Those can be ungraded or graded.

If you decide to grade your Open edX components you have to first set up a grading policy for your course in general, which is divided into several steps:

Set the Grade Range

The most common grade range is a pass/fail grade range. Here you have to set the number of the score which is the cutoff…

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Open edX offers by default a wide variety of problem types and exercises which can be easily integrated into every course. Problem types are basically used to query knowledge. This allows users to strengthen what they have learned and test their knowledge.

All problem types can be created and edited in Open edX Studio, the platform’s authoring tool. They can be selected and individualized from the default available core set or can be expand by enabling additional exercises and tools.

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Course discussions foster interaction between learners and the course team. You can create and moderate various topic-based discussions to encourage participation and strengthen the course community. Forums and course discussions are also an excellent source of feedback and ideas to optimize your future content and course design.

Course discussions can be integrated into courses in Open edX for various reasons, such as exchanging ideas and opinions, asking questions and receiving feedback. There are three levels of interaction in the course discussions:

  • A post is the first level of interaction. There are different types of posts, e.g. questions to receive a…

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XBlock is an extensible system that allows a developer to define a component of a webpage — such as a video player, a Javascript-powered interactive, a view of the discussion forum, and more— and reuse that component within a course and across courses.

With minimal training, your instructors will be able to create good online course content.

Open edX is extensible via its XBlock component architecture, so your instructors will have the potential to turn good course content into great course content with incremental effort.

Here are some of the XBlock components which are shared by the Open edX Community…

There are two sides to the platform: Student facing courses through the LMS and course administration through Studio. Both are web based and can be used directly through a browser without any additional Software.

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The LMS of Open edX

The LMS allows learners to consume course content, such as videos, textbooks and exercises, and track their progress through the course. In advanced, collaborative components like discussion forums or wiki-pages can be built in, allowing both learners and teachers to participate.

For course team members the LMS offers an ‘Instructor Dashboard’ for the administration of enrollments, reports, course runs and certificates.

There is no additional software…

Open edX offers a powerful, versatile open source course management solution to organizations of all types and sizes. Using the open source online learning software Open edX has a lot of benefits. Here are four key benefits:

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Learn anytime and anywhere

Remove geographical boundaries by bringing students and instructors in a dynamic virtual classroom from work, home or training center.

In the following Open edX technical feature list, we would like to introduce the e-learning solution Open edX by providing you with a detailed table comprising its main technical features. Abstract Technology is an official service partner of Open edX and we have been working with the platform since it was initially released as an Open Source solution, through which we are able to offer a future proof e-learning solution for employee training as well as for online learning in schools and universities. …

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A single Open edX platform can map to multiple subdomains, each with its own course catalogue, ecommerce, theme, SSO and feature configuration.

Microsites are the subdomains of your main Open edX platform domain. These subdomains help structuring your MOOC content, allowing to seperate certain courses by on (or more) of several filters.

Possible filters can be:

  • Author:
    You can group your courses according to particular authors
  • Faculties/Campus:
    You can group your courses according to particular campus
  • Company:
    You can group your courses according to particular companies
  • Subjects/Topics:
    You can group your courses according to particular subjects or topics
  • Single course landing page: You can…

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Data and learning analytics, dashboard and reporting

Open edX comes with edX Insights; A powerful tool for data and learning, dashboard and reporting.

EdX Insights makes information about courses available to course team members who have the Staff or Admin role. EdX Insights provides these course team members with data about student activity(1), background(2) and performance(3) throughout the course.


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