The Moments You Don’t Realize are Moments

Cyanotype print by: Lia Halloran

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We think about what we want, we harness our intention towards making it happen, and we take the necessary steps to bring it to fruition. This aspect of creation & craft is imperative to manifesting our vision into a physical world. I feel there is a lot of talk on developing into the days to come, and rightly so, but what about harnessing a moment; the micro-moments that pass by in a blink of an eye — yet have a profound cumulative effect?

I have found that the moments we need to embrace are:
  • Simple yet profound
  • Life defining but humble
  • Heightened yet sustainable.
These are the types of moments we tend to not realize or define as moments.

You may feel the presence of these moments when you are in the “flow” — where you are so totally engaged that it feels like you’re simultaneously building the track while on the train; where the destination isn’t in sight yet but you know you’re building towards somewhere great — because you’ll make it so.

I believe these are the very moments worth living & working for.

The day to day lives we lead are as “experiential” and “immersive” as it gets; yet with all the debris, noise, and shiny toys it can be challenging to sift through the clutter and settle into the eye of the storm; to break into the core of what’s important. What’s at your core after everything is stripped away?

Every moment, large, small or seemingly insignificant, are moments nonetheless. Find solace in simplicity & immensity in minutia.

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