You will never find a better personal development seminar or book than marriage. It will highlight all of your flaws and weaknesses, challenging you to become a better person than you ever thought possible.
50 Ways to Live On Your Own Terms
Benjamin P. Hardy

Whoa! This! This is an eye-opener!

I never thought of marriage this way. Sure when you said marry someone who supports and complements you, it was pretty clichéd. But never before had it occurred to me that marriage was basically a get-your-act-together-and-become-worthy-of-love kind of a thing. You’re living with another human, hopefully for the rest of your life. You will want them to love and respect you. You will (and should) want to put out your best face in front of them, but in truth you can’t PRETEND to be someone else. Essentially, you BECOME a better person eventually.

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