Famous People Don’t Rape

“He was rich/famous/popular/charming/handsome/likable, he didn’t need to rape anyone to get laid”

Been hearing a lot of this lately, though it’s not new. My fellow men. Can we talk a minute?

The phrase “he didnt need to rape her” as a defense to rape strongly implies that somewhere a converse situation exists in which someone DID need to rape her. Hear how that sounds?

Likewise, statements like “she wasn’t good looking enough to rape” implies that some women ARE hot enough to rape.

Many are confused about why women keep going on and on about “rape culture” and they don’t understand how they could be implicated in it, considering they don’t rape anyone.

This though is one of those points. Whenever you perpetuate the notion that there is any circumstance in which rape is understandable (even if not condoned) you lay another brick in the foundation of a society hospitable to rapists.

Every time you ask “Why’d she wait so long?” Or “Why didn’t she get a rape kit?” Or “Why didn’t she keep the evidence?” Or “Doesn’t it matter that he’s talented/famous/nice? ” Or “She’s probably in it for the money right? “, you pave the way for predators to do what they do best, safe and secure in the knowledge that if their crimes are discovered, all society will be their defense team.

Rape is not about having sex, it’s about asserting dominance. It’s about displaying power.

Try not to applaud.

Originally published at absurdistwords.tumblr.com.