Amal Problem Solving Challenge

After the death of Eidhi Sahib the funding to Edhi foundation has been decreased significantly since last few months. So Amal Academy took a step and gave us opportunity to take initiative in fund raising and giving awareness to the common people about the decline in the Edhi foundation. We, as a group selected some locations i.e. Educational Institutes in Lahore including our Punjab University and public Places like parks Shopping Malls as well for fund raising.

In first, me ,Saher, Rabia and Asim,Atif,Yasir, Shoib,Mohsin and all decided to visit at Fatima Memorial Hospital ,finally we went to the Admin in-charge of the hospital Madam Benish Kashaf for fund raising and we told them that we are Amal academy students and it’s our project to raise fund for Edhi foundation because after Edhi Sahib death the funding level has been decreased so please whatever amount you want to give you can,there is no maximum and minimum limit, but she was not agree with us because we didn't have any authority latter by Eidhi Foundation so we had face first failure, before that experience we never involved this type of working and after that we went for Anarkali baazar and also bagh-e-jinnah, mostly universities and colleges off due to semester end vacation , so many people contribute happily but there were many other people who laughed at us and they deny and on a one place a security guard captured our collection and said which one authorized for this fund raising it was do painful and there were some other people who said that why Edhi sahib need this fund they give never take, on some places people said that why we give you money.

When there funding level decreased they stand at roads at some time they beg because they need it for those peoples who need money ,who need food etc, but some didn't believe at us and laughed at us ,there were many students who did not give us any reply and we were speaking and they were like deaf peoples and we said to everyone Thank you, No problem Thank you :) Now, we had known that the major problem was “credibility” Most of them were not willing to trust at us,so we did some brain storming and come up with good solution.

We had done many efforts to get any authority latter from Eidhi Foundation to make it easy but they refused to give us any stamped latter and said if are willing to work on fund raising you have do it by your own self , so it was very difficult but we never had any other option with out coming back but we were not left the hope and kept working on it and succeeded from many palaces and collect fund for Eidhi Foundation.

But it was very difficult to say Thank you and give smile to everyone even to those who were laughing at us but we did it:)

We all bear a lot of problems but we didn't give up we didn't lose hope ,we tried our best because we want to come out from our comfort zone we want to see the world, we want to observe people’s behaviors, we want to explore the world, and finally we did it.We want to come out from our comfort Zone and finally we come out:)

We also collected funds from our family and friends. With our efforts for one week, we succeeded to collect money for Eidhi Foundation. It was our first experience but we were ready to face every kind of failure just for this noble cause. It was the first step we took to face failures in our life and we learned a ton from it. :)


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