In the term JAMStack, the ‘A’ in JAM stands for APIs, allowing you to fetch data from different services to render on your static website. In some use-cases, you need to collect data from users and for a static website, you’ll have to depend on an API, most often a custom API endpoint. In this tutorial, we will see how you can create a Google Cloud Functions endpoint to receive data from a form, append it to a Google Sheet and send an email notification using NodeJS runtime.

Before writing any code, let's go through a few setups:

DevFest Bauchi 2019

It was 7 pm on November 22, 2019, a warm Friday evening at Chartwell Hotel, Bauchi. Guests kept pouring into a 50-capacity hall adorned with beautiful ornamental designs, with sounds from the loudspeaker signaling the event had started.

Then came Olayemi Olaniran, one of the event organizers frantically walking out of the Hall exclaiming “We are over capacity, we planned for around 50 guests who RSVP’d. Now, I am sure we are close to, if not more than 100 guests”, but more kept arriving…

Women In Tech Dinner 2019

It was the Women In Tech dinner hosted by WTM Bauchi with 151 participants, 5 speakers…

Participants from a GDG Cloud Bauchi Event

Google Developer Group (GDG)& Google Cloud Developer Community in Bauchi are two communities that have pushed the technology communities in Bauchi state (Nigeria) out of the box and consistently inspiring new members to get out of their comfort zones and grow.

Our success stories can be found in the successes of our individual members who have attended our meetups, training or events and were led to get out of their comfort zones to break, create, innovate and empower others.

Notable mentions include Fidelis Okafor, Racheal Onoja, Godson CJ, Motunrayo Alake, Calistus Dele Amefo, Kwatmi Haruna Paul and others too numerous…

Tech Community in Bauchi

Over the past 2 years, Bauchi in Bauchi State, Northeastern Nigeria has seen an increase in Tech meetups and communities. During almost every weekend, there is a meetup happening somewhere in the city and UpliftHub hosts most of them. The communities that are based in or hosts their events/meetups at UpliftHub includes:

If you are in or around Bauchi, follow the links above and Join any of these meetups to follow their latest updates.

Hacktoberfest 2017 — Bauchi

On October 13, 2017, the first Hacktoberfest meetup in Bauchi was held at UpliftHub with 20 participants in attendance. 50 % of the participants were new to Git and 90% had never contributed to Open Source in any form.

The meetup started by introducing the participants to Git, how they can setup it up on their laptops (most of them are running Windows OS) and setting up a GitHub account.

A repository was setup on GitHub for participants to learn with, by creating their own forks of the project, adding their details to a file and submit a pull request…

Kids creating robots during summer holiday training

It all started in May 2015 with the approval to establish a Google Developer Group (GDG) in Bauchi, by DevRel team of Google SSA. I was the Lead organizer and I invited Fidelis Okafor, Racheal Onoja, Olayemi Olaniran and Mallam Umar Saleh Gwani as organizers to strengthen the group.

We organized events, which included Google IO Extended, Android Study Jams, Cloud Next Extended, and so many others. During all of the events, we always have impressive turn outs. In fact, we had up to 200 participants on the first day of Android Study Jams.

We should be happy, after all…

Hello World!

Its good to be back to writing again. Aside from tweets, Facebook posts and comments, I’ve not written any content online for more than a year. I like to say I’ve been busy with work, but lets just say I haven’t really been managing my time properly and a lot of things just passed me by. I’m now back to writing & sharing.

While away, my interest in tech has evolved, especially after joining GitLab over a year ago as a Support Engineer. I have moved from being a Website developer to delving into Cloud Computing, CI/CD, Docker…

Abubakar Siddiq Ango

Social Entrepreneur & Tech. I’m at

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