Welcome back (…to myself)

Hello World!

Its good to be back to writing again. Aside from tweets, Facebook posts and comments, I’ve not written any content online for more than a year. I like to say I’ve been busy with work, but lets just say I haven’t really been managing my time properly and a lot of things just passed me by. I’m now back to writing & sharing.

While away, my interest in tech has evolved, especially after joining GitLab over a year ago as a Support Engineer. I have moved from being a Website developer to delving into Cloud Computing, CI/CD, Docker, Kubernetes and a lot more. I will be sharing my experiences here.

Also, while I was “busy”, I lost my original domain name, abuango.net to a Chinese website but I’ve got a new one now, abuango.me. The previous website ran on WordPress, this time I am using a static site generator called Nanoc, hosting it on GitLab Pages with the help of GitLab CI/CD. Nanoc allows loading custom ruby codes, which gives room to a lot of customization options. On abuango.me, I have links to my medium stories embedded using ruby and Medium RSS feed.

I will be sharing a story on Nanoc in a few days, so see you then!