What Does It Mean To Be A Muslim Woman In The Modern World?
Fariha Róisín

For the discussion to be very detailed, useful and reflect real life situation, we will need views that explains some positions and also seeks to help see what the line of thinking of those at the other side of the wall emanates from.

Islam is a ruled based religion and has gone to deep extent to issue judgements on some issues directly without any ambiguity.

Example, The Quran, which is the source of all Islamic rulings, states that whoever does not judge (determine what is right or wrong) by what God has revealed, those are the disbelievers. This gives the view that, a person becomes disbeliever if he/she thinks that what God has ordained in the religion is not right, even if he/she practice it or follows it.

What the above example implies is that when you call yourself a Muslim, it means you accepts all true Islamic teachings unconditionally. Whether you practice it or not is another discussion all together.

Let me try to bring it to one of your subject matters, if a Muslim says he/she is against wearing of hijab (which is compulsory for a Muslim female adult-agreed upon by most scholars) means that he/she is going against the ruling of Islam which makes him/her a disbeliever in Islam. But if the person does not say he/she is against it, even if she doesn’t wear it will not make the person a disbeliever.

In all this mixture, is only the Creator that knows who is really a Muslim — good Muslim or a bad Muslim and who will go to Hell or Paradise.

I will try as much as I can to be on the other side of the table to make this discussion close to reality by trying to represent the views and the thinking of the other side. I hope I will get like minded people to join me.