A Thank-You Letter to UCSB, PARTONE

I always recount the day I decided that UCSB was where I’d start college. No, it wasn’t a day full of cheers and excitement. It wasn’t hurried, it wasn’t heart-warming. I didn’t exclaim to my parents that I finally SIR’d to Santa Barbara. To be honest, I was quite bummed.

It was a Thursday evening. Still bitter from Yale’s rejection letter a couple weeks ago, just as upsetting as UCLA’s rejection last week. It was a Thursday evening. I had just finished a grueling volleyball match to qualify for CIF (we lost) and I decided to walk to school that day. So with head down and pre-arthritis bones aching, I walked home. My email app on my phone popped up, one unread email from UC Berkeley. Quickly, I opened it.

God always had worked wonders for me. I’ve been delivered a series a life blows, this must be the good news”, I pondered as I logged into my application portal.

Nope. a fat nope. a very big fat nope. SIGHHHHHHHH. Just walk home and cry later in my room. Upon entering the sanctuary, my mother greeted me with a letter. Wait are you fucking kidding Marj? Another college letter? Yeah. This time, from USC. A school I had just toured a couple weekends ago. A university screaming my name, throwing up its regal cardinal and gold. I yearned for this moment. Except, I kinda knew the verdict. College acceptance letters typically weigh a little heavier, look a little thicker, look more excited to be opened than this one. Also, my mom knew too. She had opened the letter, read the “sorry someone is a bit better than you, I swear we would’ve picked you”, glued it shut again, turned on the television to the Filipino Channel, and anticipated my entrance.

Into my room I went. If the two weeks of rejections taught me anything, it’s that I can hold back my tears if it was another rejection letter. That, or it’s to regenerate tears faster than you’ve lost them. Yup, it was the latter.

“We regret to inform you — ” Yeah STFU I know I know. I could feel it, my tear ducts. NO MARJ, do better! Fight the urge! Quick, call your other friend who applied, listen to their reaction!

*dials Saph**Is immediately answered with screams**She got in!!!1!1!*

I say my bitter congratulations and hang up.

I take a deep breath — I cry like a motherfucking child until I fall asleep.

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