… A ROOKIE’S TALES … (Part 1)

It was super exciting to finally become a member of a tech club; I mean after all my obsession with the Silicon Valley drama series, I finally got a worthy task thanks to the Developers Student Club (DSC, University of Benin) — I feel like a full stack programmer already. Well, it’s just my first week and I’ve been eager to share my ‘newbie’ experience with Git and Git Hub — finally got the chance to set up my own GIT Hub account.

In the wake of these experiences and being surrounded by supportive friends who have little or no idea about tech, I thought; ‘Why not write a step by step article in plain and simple language specially for my ‘not-so-tech-conscious’ friends can be carried along?’ So here is a breakdown in really simple language for the ‘not-too-techie-souls’ amongst us.

The main task was simply aimed at basic familiarity with GIT and GIT Hub. The very first step involved something called FORKING and CLONING which in simpler terms can be called COPYING and PASTING. What I did here was, lift an already published programme authored by another programmer, placed it on my page and edited the file with my basic data details.

The next step is something called PUSH — all I had to do here was, return the edited file to the original author of the programme to obtain permission for personal use or in more ‘techie’ terms; I sent a PULL REQUEST.

After the PULL REQUEST was accepted by the original author of the programme, both files were MERGED. Merged in this context refers to allowing both files to be adapted into one single file.

Next step from here was to ensure that the file was error-free, once again in more techie terms it’s called ‘CLEANING UP.’

The best part of this experience for me was getting to know the User Interface called the Command Line Prompt, I call it the Programmers’ Super Short Cut — made my programming pretty easy to automate via scripting and helped me perform with more efficiency. All I had to do was master/memorize the prompts and literally ‘CALL IN’ the stuff I needed — in lay language, it’s like mastering key board short cuts.

It’s just the first task, there’ll be more updates as I go higher up the tech ladder — I anticipate your loyal readership.

- Cynthia Ikpemosi Abu

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