Even on an individual level, one of the most effective ways to learn about the world is to dip your toes into the wisdom of the past.
There Are Two Ways to Read - One Is Useless
Zat Rana

Why do you think it is difficult to convince many students in an academic setting that books, particularly those written by great thinkers, are worth their time? My contention is modern psychopharmacology has offered an interesting, useful, but deceptively easy fix. For instance, anxiety and depression are the chief complaints among students due to the rigors of the Flat World we live. The common solutions tend to be antidepressants without perspective, benzodiazepines without depth, and psychotherapy that lacks empathy. I’ve tried to sell William James as a lonely candidate due to his feelings with mental illness, his openness in writing about it, and the systemless- system of Pragmatism he compiled from other great thinkers. But the prospect of having to read something to get right typifies, to me, a culture that no longer knows how to delay gratification. How can we solve this problem beyond easily digestible places to absorb this content, like Medium. Because reading can be a journey that one needs to get through to the other side. Eventually one might have to read a selection that is longer than 6 minutes.