My Experience in the Bootcamp so far

The challenges keep on growing on a daily basis, so many things I have to learn , so many things I have to do and so much effort required from me to put in, I am feeling the pressure and stretches. Ordinarily, I would not engage myself with all the exercises. There is one thing that keeps me moving and that the statement “My efforts will pay”. Failure or success, I would not be the same person I was yesterday. That sounds scary. Does it? You just need to accept that the Software Development unlike every other professions changes every now and then. Yes ! !! !!!

So much has not changed about the andela Bootcamp curriculum but the standard of the deliverable has changed. At the end of the first week, an aspiring andelan is required to design the frontend and the backend of an application(More Recipes). An aspiring andelan needed to know how to use Pivotal Tracker among other things.

So far, I have been able to create a nice front end (client side) of the More-Recipes application. I did create the server. Everything works fine but the testing has been easy at all. I still believe I can figure it out before I run out of time. So much feedback I got from my BFA (Victor Enogwe). I have implemented some but still have some to be implemented. I am not trying to scrare you at all. This is just the reality here in Andela Bootcamp.

In conclusion, I still find the Andela’s Bootcamp Experience interesting. Come what may, I would have no cause to lament. And I was able to deliver the deliverable as at when due.

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