Expected General Deliverable from Analog Clock with Time Zones as a Project

A typical Analog Clock showing time in Major Places across the Globe

A Clock that represents time by the position of hands on a dial is called Analog Clock. Unlike the digital clock, it has moving hands, and hours marked from 1 to 12, to show you the time. It also has two other hands; one for minutes and the other for seconds. While the Hour’s hand reads from 1 to 12, the minute and second hand read from 1 to 60. The above caption is just to give you a simple mental picture of what the project is all about.

The Analog clock with Time Zone as a project is a front end application on which a user can check the time based on the time zone specified. To be specific, here are the basic features of the application:

A number of Time Zones
The display of current time and timezone
Checking the time and timezone in other major locations.

Front end Application is an application that starts and ends with a number of user interfaces on which a user can sees things and interacts with them. In this case, user is seeing and checking time based on a time zone specified. Such applications could be developed using HTML, CSS, Javascript, Web API or some of the listed tools.

Having a number of requirements from client is a essential tool in getting an insight into the expected deliverable from a project. The above stated requirements made me thought of a having a blue print of the project before I even think of starting. I browsed through the web and I got a page serving as my blue print. Check out the page at https://www.timeanddate.com/time/zones/

Checking the page I directed you to, you would realize that the project is not as easy as the title suggested. A lot is tasking about the project, but the most tasking part is making the user check the time and timezone in other major locations. Why? Because the application should works dynamically and not be static.

Keep reading my posts, the next post shall talk about the challenges encountered and the break through in the development of the application. I can and I will. Just watch me…