I had a daydream. There was a distant sound of seagulls singing. I could hear the happiness in their song. The gentle waves kissed the sand beneath us, drifting right past our ankles. A calm ocean was tugging at my spirit. Without hesitation, we glanced at each other and said, let’s explore; Our favorite thing to do. We paddled our boat in harmony, every wave kissing the back of our boat, swiftly guiding us towards the possibilities. An island, only one we can imagine began to reveal itself. There we were, on the island of possibilities, admiring views that many only dream of seeing. With the sun on our back and the breeze making the palm trees dance, I realized that this happened because of You. I finally understood the waves of the ocean were Your hands , the boat was Your support, the sun was Your light, and the breeze was Your whispers telling me, “this is exactly where I need to be.”

Thankful for Your love God, a daydream by S. Anthony Buenrostro

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