Stop Making Everything Perfect For Your Kid

I’m madly in love with this post (and you, Susan, for writing it). THANK YOU so much. Okay, now here’s what drives me crazy: When you have your kids’ friends over and their parent is sitting right there (typically with a glass of wine I just poured them). Their kid does something really shitty right in front of you so you say, very gently, so as not to cross any lines, “Please stop jumping on my (newly reupholstered) couch, little Tiffani (with an “i” not a “y”). But you have to say it several times because the precoscious little brat won’t stop, and the parent just sits there and mouth breathes and doesn’t chime in! WTF? Really? I welcome parents to give my children a “corrective interview” ANY time they misbehave and tell them what is and what isn’t okay, but can someone please tell me how we can discipline the clueless parent who sits there passively and does absolutely nothing to support us? Welcome any and all feedback and suggestions.

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