7 Ways Businesses Can Benefit From SLIDESHARE

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With over 70 million users, SlideShare may be one of the most underutilized resources for businesses to reach decision makers. According to Forbes, SlideShare has been called content’s marketing sleeping giant. The opportunities on the platform are many, but marketers are yet to tap into its full potential.

Content marketing has become the new trend online this days, from local to global businesses that want to reach out to their customers using content as a tool, many business are tapping into the benefits that social media platforms offers in content marketing by sharing all types of media files, talking about social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat come to our mind, Yes! This maybe the most popular ones but Slideshare is another not so popular social media that are been overlook at.

SlideShare is a social media platform that allows it users to post content — PDFs, PowerPoint slides, videos as a presentation. Presentations can then be searched, viewed and shared by anyone. SlideShare is the most popular presentation sharing website in the world. SlideShare is free to use, but it also offers a premium version which includes video uploads, analytics, private sharing and professional branding (starting at $19 per month). The main attraction for SlideShare is that it attracts over 60 million unique visitors a month. Which means it can give your content and business a major boost.

Having said all this let look at the 7 ways that small business can benefits from SlideShare:

1. Post Presentations to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is social network for business professionals to educate themselves on industry-related topics. That makes it a great place to promote your well-designed, professional SlideShare content. Business can share there SlideShare slides in their status update on their company LinkedIn page; this is an attractive way to stand out from other companies and encourage people to click through their contents.

2. Share Useful Business Information

Business can use SlideShare to share useful business information to their customers, partners or shareholder any slide on SlideShare have a link that can be share on other social network or send in an email, the advantage of this is that it will reduces the paper work process and the author any can make it downloadable but the person that will download must have a SlideShare or LinkedIn account.

3. Creating How-To Guides and Products Manuals.

Many businesses cannot do without customer’s education but this process can be seamlessly delivering using SlideShare as a tool, this slides can be accessed anytime the customer need it and country time zone will not be a barrier in this case.

4. Attract traffic to website

Any business that do online advert will know that 60 million visitors every day is not a child play when it comes to generating traffic to their website, putting content on SlideShare can boost website traffic free of charge, this have a clause and the clause is to provide valuable contents.

5. Build your brand

There are many elements that comprise what brand is all about, we have logo, customer relationship management and telling brand stories, brand can use SlideShare to create awesome brand story content that can be share on LinkedIn or wherever they want to share it on the internet.

6. Get email subscribers

SlideShare has a feature call LeadShare for PRO users only it is a lead capturing tool, LeadShare is all about capturing lead information via forms you can insert into your SlideShare presentations

The most interesting thing about this feature is that you can target the form to appear in specific countries, and also download your lead information in an Excel sheet, that can use to import into an email marketing tools like MailChimp, or Mailerlite.

7. Rank Higher on Google.

SlideShare presentations also tend to rank well in Google, making keywords even more important to your efforts. How you use keywords and phrases in your slides can impact your success on SlideShare.

Also include your keyword or phrase in the title and description of your presentation, as well as the tags. Make your keyword the first tag for the presentation, and then choose closely related tags to follow.


SlideShare which happens to be the world’s largest community for sharing presentations. Which was also acquired by LinkedIn in $118.75 million deal in May 2012?

Everyone knows Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the top social networks your business needs to be active, but SlideShare is where your slides content should be if your slide is feature in the homepage that is going to affect your business positively. SlideShare offers many interesting opportunities. There isn’t much competition yet, but this won’t last long. My advice is to get on board as soon as you can.

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