Easy Secrets Of How To Declutter Your Digital World

Have You Started Taking Steps To Declutter Your Digital World? If Not, Start Today!

Most times, when we think about clutter, we’re usually referring to items in our homes, basements, garages, attics. Those are the areas where “stuff” accumulates and is piled up and most noticeable. In this day and age, we also accumulate digital clutter. On our PC’s, laptops, tablets, and of course, cell phones. It is important to declutter your digital world.

Digital clutter is not easily noticed as it does not take up physical space. When you declutter your digital world you will notice more free time, increased productivity, and a sense of freedom.

Spring is here, and for most people, a motivating time to get the cleaning done, and get clutter or junk out of the house.

Do You Ever Considered Ways To Declutter Your Digital World?

If you are like me, then your email is filled with at least 50% of emails that you could do without.
Might even be a higher percentage. Some people have three or four email accounts! In my opinion, nobody needs more than two email accounts (work &personal).

Your computer has all kinds of software on it, you constantly receive social media notifications, spam mails both on your computer and phone, different alerts, the list goes on and on……

So let me share with you the teeny tiny secrets to getting rid if the unnecessary.

Declutter Your Digital World Starting With Your Computer

Desktop Icons — There was a time when my desktop was covered with many icons.

As an OCD organizer extraordinaire, I had icons and folders for everything. Dozens of shortcuts.

Perfectly sorted. Of course, alphabetically, but having ten or more icons plus folders on your desktop is just overdoing it. Mind you, at times, icons may slow down your machine.

Remove as many icons from your desktop as possible. It is the equivalent of working at a cluttered desk. If that’s the way you like it, then enjoy your cluttered desktop.

Whatever works for you. I say, clear it, clear it, clear it!

Email — Reading and responding to all mails in your inbox on a daily basis can take a while.
Email is an incredibly useful communication tool but why use it in ways that end up leaving you overwhelmed? There are great ways to manage your email so that you’re more productive.

Inbox — If you can respond to an email within 3 minutes, then do it right away. If it will take longer, or you need to gather information before responding, move it to a “Read / Respond Later” folder.

Ready For A Change?

  • Simplify your life -
  • Embrace a minimalist lifestyle
  • Self development and productivity!

TIP: Did you know that…

You can set your email software to “receive” messages only at certain times? Oh yes! Enter a time range of when you receive messages and make your digital world easier for you to manage. Decrease overwhelm and distraction. If you don’t want to do this out of fear that you may “miss something”, at least turn off audible and visual alerts.

Unsubscribe — You should unsubscribe to newsletters, information, advertisements and alerts that are no longer meaningful to you. You don’t need to keep it if you never read it, or if you will end up hitting delete anyway because it no longer serves a purpose.

Archive — There are lots of documents you have saved over time. If you no longer need them, trash them. If you are unsure or need to keep them, then create and store these in an “Archive” folder. Chances are you will not need to view these documents regularly.

TIP: Set up a simple filing system to help manage your mail.

Use categories like “Action Items,” “To Be Decided,” “Information”, “To Do This Week” and “Archive.” Software Program/Apps You Know You Don’t Ever Use — I download apps to check them out, test them, and end up never using them. Or I use them, find one that works better and end up forgetting about the first one. As a result, I leave the program or app on my laptop or phone, where it eats up digital space.

Software and Apps — Uninstall programs on desktop or laptops to free up space on your hard drive. I intentionally wrote uninstall and not delete. Uninstall apps from your phone if you no longer use them.

Bookmarks — Delete bookmarks that are no longer needed. Easy peasy.

TIP: Delete Temporary Internet Files

What are they? They are located in a folder on Windows which contain video and audio files, from websites visited by the user. This allows such websites to load more quickly the next time they are visited. Removing them takes 10 seconds. Control Panel > Internet Options > General > Delete Temporary Internet Files. All Gone.

Pictures — Do you love posing for pictures? Taking selfies? I don’t.

What I do love to do is to take pictures of my little one! My gosh, he is almost two and I do not know how many thousands of pictures I have of him! Yup, first-time mom here

I cannot bring myself to delete pictures of him.

I should take my advice — yes. Delete pictures that serve no purpose. Ever take a picture that came out blurry? Or where half of someone’s head was not in the shot? A picture of yourself you do not like because it is so embarrassing? Well, why keep them?

Delete from your camera or phone before uploading to your computer.

Social Media — In regards to social media, you need to figure out what works best for you. This depends on how many social media channels you use, what you use them for, and whether they are priority in your life.

As a blogger, I use three main social media channels, but one more than the other two.

I allow notifications to be less frequent or turned off for the ones I don’t want to, have to or need to see immediately. You know what is best for you.

TV Series — Music — Movies — I don’t have any of these saved on my laptop or desktop.
I need music in my life, so if I am on the computer and want to listen to music, I connect my phone or USB. Sometimes, I will use a Youtube playlist. I don’t take up space for this on my devices.

Download the Secrets to Declutter Your Digital World from the RESOURCE LIBRARY — Instant download now.

We live in a digital world, so telling people to completely switch off makes no sense.

Besides, it’s not realistic. We want to stay connected, which is understandable.

Still, there is so much more to life. Use the extra time you have after you declutter your digital world. You can even create digital-free spaces at home.
Make these spaces where you choose not to be connected. The bedroom and the dining room are great places to start.

You will enjoy digital interaction better when you choose to do it rather than drift into it.

Do you feel anxious when the battery on your phone is low?
Can you leave your device on off or, even at home, for a couple of hours? A whole day?

Have you taken any steps to declutter your digital world?

Share your experiences with me in the comments section below.