4 Designs That Will Remind You to Keep Up the Good Fight

We all hope, and wish, and pray. It’s human nature to find some way to feel like we can influence the big events in our lives: the job promotion you’ve been gunning for, the date you’re nervous about, the Donald you don’t want to win.

Here’s the thing: at some point, you will have to stop hoping and wishing and praying for that thing and actually do or act upon that thing. So why waste time you could be using to prepare or practice or learn?

Here’s the other thing: there will come a time when you can do no more. You gave it your all at the interview, and your future promotion now lies in the hands of your manager/boss. Learn to let go. You did your part. Now let the rest happen as it will, and learn to accept the outcome, whatever it may be.

A quote from one of my favorite songs, Fast Car. Your future is not always certain, but it’s not just about avoiding the safe route and charging headlong into a foolhardy decision because some blog post told you to. It’s about evaluating your options carefully and choosing the one that feels a little risky, a little uncomfortable, and a little nerve-racking. But it’s the one you think you can pull off.

The decision that feels safe, that doesn’t change your status quo, and doesn’t challenge you, is the one you need to be avoiding. That route leads to an unfulfilling and unsatisfying life of mediocrity.

“It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.”


Aimlessness will lead you to a life you never expected and never wanted. Life is not a fairytale and you will not just wander onto your calling as you carelessly drift across the sea of life. Paddle, row, swim, and fight for the shoreline.

The shoreline may be 100 yards away, but what’s the rush? You don’t need to achieve that today. Just swim 10 yards today. Another 10 tomorrow. But never lose sight of that oh so beautiful shore.

Seriously, read your emails.

These designs are part of my #VisualTweet project, where I’ve challenged myself to make my social media presence more meaningful, inspiring, funny, and just plain fun. Click here to read more about the project, and stay tuned for more articles and designs.