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Edhi sb Reading:

After reading the 2nd chapter of Edhi’s Autobiography I came across very heart touching story of kindheartedness of Edhi sb and his mother when he was just 10 years old. His mother used to pack the foodstuff in the holy month of Ramadan and send him off to drop the bundles through the windows of poor people or relatives and on the day of Eid she puts some money in envelop and instruct him to follow same procedure and Edhi sb knocked the door, drop the envelop and run away without being spotted. I have had same experience, in the holy month of Ramadan my friend and I planned to distribute ration to the deserving people, we contributed our poke money, bought 3 packets of Ration and distribute them among the needy people and did the same on Chand raat so that people could rejoice with us on the day of Eid. So i learned alot of things from this like feelings after helping the people are super awesome.

First of all I would like to share my project/goal which I wanted to achieve in my life but there are some reasons due to which I was unable to achieve that goal. The basic idea is that I want my own organization or NGO whose aim is to distribute the basic things that are necessary for one’s daily life and education among the unaware people. Because education is our basic need.
 The reason behind this goal is to overcome the unawareness among the new generation and fulfil the basic needs of those who are not able to fulfil. 
 In our society everyone wants to help the poor people but not everyone takes action against it. So it is the biggest challenge that I’ve to overcome and just start working on it. But I want to begin this kind of project in my own surroundings. At the beginning my main focus was the uneducated and poor people around me. 
 The first three tasks/challenges that I need to do in order to achieve my goal are:
 The proper team for this project. I want to lead a team of even two to three members but their sincerity matters the most. 
 Funding for this project. 
 Find those people who are in search of these basic needs but they don’t express (we call them safaid posh). It’s really a difficult task but not impossible.


Sometimes we can be caught out, not by what you don’t know, but by what you don’t expect. So while working on this project there are a lot of difficulties like budget management, team building, campaigns for fund raising and finding deserving people around me. The experience was pretty good because of my team member. We are two members leading the project. The member is from UET, Lahore. She helped me out in every situation. Secondly the main challenge was the fund. I preferred to start collecting money for project from my own circle like from my baba, brother, sisters and relatives. Finally we achieved the total of 4500 PKR. In the 3rd Ashra of Ramadan we went to Ramadan Bazaar for Ration packets which includes flour 10kg, Tea, cooking oil, Rooh-e-afza, sugar 3kg etc. Before Eid-ul-Fitar. We distributed the “Ration packets” among three houses. So that they can celebrate their Eid like us.

We also distribute books, stationary and bags among the little champs of the government school Dar-ul-furqan near Baghbanpura in collaboration with NUWS (National Unity Welfare Society).

I’ve learned a lot of things from this project like nothing is impossible if you work hard for something. Things are getting easy for you as you approaching your destination. First the project strengthen my belief on GOD and then on myself. Also if we just start with small beginnings, money and things doesn’t matter the only thing matter is your intention.

Thanks to Almighty Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala who choose us for this good work and give us success in this project. Thanks to all the donors who donate us. It is just a little step which was necessary to take before enclosing our main plan which is designed for the Development of Pakistan. Now, we will enclose it soon inshAllah.

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