Take your time, Father Time.

The alarm sounds before dawn.

One more snooze.

Take your time, Father Time.

Tiptoeing quietly through the house.

…the hairdryer needs a silencer.

Headlights on bright, deer along side.

Another week on the road.

An NPR escort to the airport.

TSA pat down, imaginary metal.

A six dollar cup of coffee.

A seat near a power outlet.

Echoes over the loud speakers.

…Group 1 can now board.

My mind switched on to the week ahead.

A list of musts… exercise and water.

Take your time, Father time.

The sunrise offers a newness.

Last week’s lessons to be redeemed.

Rich opportunities.

Road warrior is dramatic.

Road weary and alone but…

Adventure, truly.

Take your time, Father Time.

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