Thoughts From “BIG EYES”

I just had a thought and figured I share it with you. "I believe some where along the way the true essence of love, what we all longed for and craved was lost throughout generations. What was once pure and dreamt about has faded. Nowadays all one has too offer both females and males are simply sale pitches. I truly feel that we as a civilization have lost the true meaning of soulmates and replaced it with greed and unfortunately by the time someone realizes what they mistook for love was and always will be just a form of investment. We went from looking for our one true love, our ideal human being specifically created for us too what or how can I benefit myself from this person. Is love eternal or is it fading? They say chivalry is dead, but wouldn’t that be the resting place for love as well??"

Maybe what was once a "Hopeless Romantic" is now simply just a top earning salesman once they achieve their partner. Keyword being PARTNER, not their wife, not their love, not even their significant other. From a psychological standpoint based off how we now choose our words to describe modern relationships the terminology is that of a business. We no longer look to love we look too gain.

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