Human Needs for Status [aka acceptance]

Visiting Louis Vitton’s Volez Voguez Voyagez exhibition triggered conversations revolving status. Luxury goods sell a lifestyle that feeds the psyche’s need for acceptance, through the means of wealth and status. As a result, we have extravagance, excess, and waste.

When you enter the status race, it is apparent that it’s a double-sided coin that exist in your own comparisons with others of being enough or not enough.

Instead, if there’s no sense of lack, no sense of elitism, no built up of scarcity, no feeding into desires of insufficiency, then everyone would be enough.

There is sufficiency in the world; we just infrastructure a world where there isn’t. If we instead welcome another as they are, open our arms to make them feel enough because we feel enough, what terms of acceptance and openness would we have?

How much less isolation, self-judgment, depression, anxiety, and stress would we experience?

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