I am a Liar and Golf Will Save Me | 9/5/2017

Before I get into the details and analysis of my golf game I want to provide some updates with some exciting news about equipment and lessons. So…

Some updates:

I got a new Putter, the Dave Pelz Putting Bible, Dave Pelz Putting Tutor and all the accessories. Took me a few rounds to get used to it, but I love it.

Odyssey O-Works 2-Ball Putter

I have set up the following appointments to get this started on the right track. On September 12th, at 5pm, I have a GEARS fitting appointment at the NorCal Golf Academy.

I’m really excited about this, because not only will it help my game, it will also TREMENDOUSLY help my back. I’m 6'7" and am playing with standard clubs.

As you can see, these clubs aren’t the ideal size.

Additionally, I will be taking a new student analysis with NorCal Golf Academy, to get instant feedback on where I am at, how to improve, as well as a designed practice plan going forward.

My Golf Baseline

Golf, for me, is a tool to build character and values that I think are important, (Look at my first post, which details my motivations for this project). So, mental check-ins will be a vital part of my improvement. I played three rounds of golf over Labor Day Weekend, at Lone Tree Golf Course & Deer Ridge Country Club to get a feel for where I am currently at.

Special Thanks to 18 Birdies for an awesome app, allowing me to track shots and stats. It will be instrumental in my improvement. Go download it!

Mental Game: Playing without Cheating is Hard For Me

I’m a liar and a cheater. Golf allows many opportunities to cheat and betray your integrity. For me, the ease and temptation (I often play alone) to take mulligans, skim a stroke off, or give yourself a putt you missed are something I really struggled with. I often found myself having to talk myself out of these thoughts, as they were tremendously strong urges. It felt instinctual to lie and foreign to be honest. While troubling, it gave me insight into where I currently am mentally. And, I actually was able to play my rounds honestly. It was hard: I played more angrily (failure really tears me up), took my penalties, counted every bad chip, and ended up with scores 12–15 strokes higher than I had previously been carding.

But, at the end of the round, it felt good. It felt good to have an accurate representation of your skill level. It felt good to not lie. My 94s felt much better than my fake 81s.

Golf Game: I Can’t Chip

Chip Shots From My 3 Rounds:

9/4/2017 — Deer Ridge Country Club — 23 Chip Shots w/ 5 GIR. This comes out to 1.8 chips per hole! 10 extra strokes added from poor chipping.

9/3/2017 — Lone Tree Golf Course — 28 Chip Shots w/ 3 GIR. This comes out to 1.9 chips per hole! 13 extra strokes added from poor chipping.

9/1/2017 — Deer Ridge Country Club — 18 Chip Shots w/ 4 GIR. This comes out to 1.3 chips per hole! 4 extra strokes added from chipping.

Golf Game: I Can, However, Do Other Good Things

My Driver is Long & Straight

Golf Game: Full Stats



Struggled Off The Tee & Putting


first round with my new putter. AGH.

So, now we know where I’m at. A low to mid 90s golfer, who can’t chip, is inconsistent from the tee, and is an ok ball-striker & putter.


A baseline to start from. A feeling of satisfaction for not allowing myself to lie.

More to Come. Thanks.


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