How to write a last minute essay easily

Normally, students put a lot of effort procrastinating the assignments that becomes a detriment to their success ultimately. For temporary relief, they fail to recall the hard work required for the work. And when the time comes, the same thing which was seemed a piece of cake is now calling for a great stress. The struggle becomes more painful if you have bunked classes and don’t even read your textbooks. Don’t fret. You’re not alone in the race. Most of the students put off their custom essay writing service right up until the last minute. In the case, the following tips work greatly for creating an effective essay in a very little time.

Unplug the work space from all the distractions:

Since you have a little time left to put an idea to a full document, there should not be a single minute to spend in tweeting or updating your status on Facebook about the hectic situation. Hop off social media websites, apps, and even turn off your cell phone. It’s time to dig in the knowledge deeply.

Prepare the workspace and pitch your idea:

Just make sure to make the workspace conducive to writing and comfortable by clearing all the clutter. Keep it restricted to your working area. If you’re trying to clean the entire house, it won’t work and you’re probably just procrastinating.

Hopefully, you might have an idea to structure it to the paper. Once the main idea has come to your head, the real struggle is breaking it into some good sentences to give the reader an introduction/ prelude of what you’re writing about.

Come up with a debatable thesis statement:

The thesis statement is arguably the most important element of a writing project. Another way, it is main question around which all the idea revolve so it is essential to make it demonstrative and debatable enough to cover all the parts and devote the whole essay to it.

Gather all the material and prepare an outline:

As soon as you have finalize the idea, picked the thesis statement, the most arguable conclusion phrase, assembled all the material and set checkpoints your reader will pass; you’re all set to go. You won’t believe the way your mind will race when it has a solid foundation.

Browse for Online Sources:

When you’re in hurry, there might not sufficient time to run for library. Internet would be the next big thing. However there may plenty of school’s library database for reputable reference literature as journals and studies, internet is also the second most dependable source to rely on.

Re-use the template of an old essay:

What would be handier than an old essay with proper line spacing, margins, and formatting? Half of your load alleviates when you’ve such an organized paper already available. You may use the document as a template and put all your creative ideas in the form for quick formatting. In this way, you may relieve the adrenaline within you.

Strong beginning and the end:

When you hook the reader right off the bat, the success becomes a safe bet. It is advisable to put thought on the introduction and the conclusion because it knobs the reader and giving him some points to ponder in the conclusion is also helpful in leaving an overall good impression. Even though, if your middle content is less stellar, it gets overlooked.

Create the reference while using Wikipedia:

Adding sources save time as you go. When you require a reference or bibliography, you can look up to the information even after you’ve already written the essay.

Although Wikipedia is not much trusted source in some cases, the footnotes there still provides great material on your topic. Just make sure to enter the reference from where you originally intended. The best part is you may even turn it out to cite according to the style needed.


In the event, proofreading must not be avoided as the speed-work always lead to errors. Before submitting, you should give everything an overview to work on typing errors and poor grammar. Some prose may also be written even better.

Your mind would get exhausted after mind-squeezing writing session but believe me; giving invaluable and worthy concentration for your work would also result in best grades possible.