So good that they can’t ignore you

Have you wondered what would take you to the next level in your career? How does one become successful in his/her career? What should one based on while choosing a career? Or why do some people(few actually) are more successful than the majority while they are pursuing the same career?

Ever asked yourself those questions? Okay. The answer is summed into this simple phrase:” So good that they can’t ignore you.” I am not talking about Cal Newport’s book, that I recommended in the article here as one of the must read before joining college When you are so good that you can not be ignored then your financial earning muscles grow day by day. At some point, we all want to earn more than we did last year.

However most of us do not know what would it take to graduate for the current income to the next one. Not only does this involve definite way of how much money you’ll make but it also reveal how you get judged in the marketplace. The judgement in the marketplace goes with you career and what your career is.

I am going to share with you a behind the scene formula that will help you advance ahead financially and even in the career that you’re pursuing or intend to pursue, may be taught only in Harvard and few top ivy league schools but most of you did not learn this at school. Don’t whine though. This is your opportunity now to learn. “What is that heck of a formula that can change my life?” Maybe you’re asking that yourself.

This is the formula, that you must consider for you to be the purple cow in your field. I would not fear to call this formula, the success predictor alternatively success indicator that people must use to rate themselves where they’re in their lives.

What is that formula though? It is other than VRIN formula. Each letter(V,R,I and N) has what it stand for. What do they stand for then?


V stands for Value. In the real world, people get paid in proportion to the value they bring to the marketplace. You should always ask yourself:” How valuable I am?” This is always in relevance to the target market you are in and also the level of your skills. Never in the world will you ever hear or meet the person who works at the coffee shop; restaurant or in a bar making more money than a heart surgeon. Never. Never. It is actually said that entrepreneurs with much money in the world, are the ones who bring lots of value to many people. If you’re an entrepreneur in this case, “How much value does your product bring to people?”

R stands for Rare. How rare are your skills; your position at work; your job at large? How rare is your career? For example,I find lots of challenges in the music; entertainment and fashion industries because there is much more supply than there is the demand. If you want to be a musician; actor or actress; artist or fashion designer, you better step your game up to the highest level. Then into tech and you want to be paid highly as a programmer? Learn the rarest programming languages such as Go(famously used at Google, Facebook as well as Adobe) and Scala(famously used at Twitter,Netflix and LinkedIn).

I stands for Inimitable. How hard would it be for copying or duplicate? You might have something rare for example like a piece of art but you find that it is easy for the fellow artist to copy it in a very short period of time. I can’t tell you how many entrepreneurs i meet who whine how somebody easily copied their ideas or products. Whenever you’re selling a service or a product, make it hard for your competition to copy or imitate you. However to this case, you should always innovate or make your product/service better time after time. This also goes to the career you might be in. You get better day after day then eventually you will be equipped with skills that are not easily imitable.

Always be the man on the right. Make that which can’t be easily copied.

N stands for Non substitutable. Are you easy to replace? The cardiac surgeon is an example of a highly skilled individual who can not be easily replaced. It takes a long time to train and develop as a surgeon. And their service is highly valuable to their patients. If your Cardiac surgeon is ill he cannot be easily substituted in that situation. If you work at Starbucks or McDonalds and eventually you fall sick for weeks, it is easier to be replaced. Actually in the brink of an eye, they get who replaces you in what you were doing. That is why there is always a big difference in earning positions for the 2 careers mentioned. Normally the crafts that take a relatively long time to master them, are most non substitutable compared to those crafts that take a very short period of time. T Remember the saying:”If it was easy, then everybody would do it?” Whenever you want to pursue something as your career, consider time and efforts to invest in, for you to not be easily replaced.

Maybe you might have heard another saying that goes like:” If you want to be a master in a game, you go where that game is played.” However always remember playgrounds differ in size and nature. The larger the marketplace, the higher the income. A hollywood movie celebrity earns much more than your local movie celebrity due to the mentioned factor of size and nature of playgrounds. It is always better when you are rating yourself, you rate yourself on the global level. Do not be fooled to be the leading one eyed person in the country of blinds.

The contributor of this article is Ubukombe Pacifique, who is the senior consultant in Academic Bridge Department of Career Guidance.

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