Effects Of Globalization


Globalization is one noble initiative. In summarization, globalization is an effort towards making the entire global community as one. All thanks to globalization, the goods that were produced in one part of the world can now be found in the other part of the world as well. Because of this, the underdeveloped countries can enjoy all the facilities that are available in the developed countries. All the discoveries and scientific advancements that the developed countries have made, now the underdeveloped countries and the developing countries can also use.

The biggest benefit of globalization is that the economies of all the countries are being integrated all thanks to the technology. The world as we know it is becoming smaller by the day and more and more employment opportunities are rising. Today, work can be obtained from any part of the world. This has become possible due to the increasing presence of the internet in our lives.

However, globalization still has a lot of effects. Let us study some of the effects of globalization.

Effects of Globalization

Globalization has been a boon for our age and generation. Let us see some effects of globalization.

Global Market

Majority of the big companies in the developed countries are a result of state own industrial privatization. Many companies of such type are attempting to increase consumer demand. In order to do that, they need to expand their chains on an international level. This is where globalization comes in. The impact of globalization on the global scene has been huge. It is because of globalization that many privately owned businesses have been able to take it a notch up and expand their market from a national market to an international one. The consumer demand has also become international and they are able to generate more profit and revenue because of globalization now.

Cross-Cultural Exchange

Globalization has given birth to cross-cultural interactions between people. However, it has mainly facilitated the elite. In other words, globalization has become a playground where only the rich and affluent can play. The reason for that being; only the elite and rich are affluent enough to buy the products out for sale in the global market. The rich and elite classes of the world from very different backgrounds have been able to communicate because of globalization.

Foreign Trade

Globalization has boosted foreign trade like nothing else has done in the past. The products and trends which could earlier be found only in the developed countries can now be found in all parts of the world. There were certain services which were privy to only the rich and elite of developed countries.

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