Thoughts On Being A Newly Minted Certified Personal Trainer

I am officially a Certified Personal Trainer. How do I feel? Like Superman took Wonder Woman out for a nice Kryptonian dinner and one thing led to another and out popped Alex, The Hero’s Coach, Master of All Things Physical. I can’t lie, that would be nice, but I know I’ll have to sniff the shit before I can smell the roses. In reality, I feel more or less the same, with one subtle difference.

I’m taking the necessary steps to do the things I want to do. That’s why I left my corporate career. That’s why I went back to school so I can be accepted into a Physiotherapy program. That’s why I’m writing these articles. I’m in control. The more I listen to great guys and gals like Eric Cressey, Jordan Syatt, Tony Gentilcore, Mark Bell, John Rusin, Stefi Cohen, and so many other fantastic people, the more fired up I become. It’s going to be a long road, but taking it in shuffles and strides, embracing each moment, and understanding that patience pays off, makes that road seem a lot more doable.

I was originally going to write about my experience with the certification, but that would make for a very short article. I read the textbook cover-to-cover, scheduled my test, clicked through some multiple-choice questions and here we are. All of it is very valuable information, especially for someone coming in with no idea of what to expect. I definitely need that baseline. But, I will say a few things that I had in the back of my mind when I decided to pursue my certification:

  • Make sure it’s what you need. It would really suck to invest that time into obtaining credentials that your dream or entry-level job doesn’t recognize.
  • Make sure the institution is recognized and resonates with you. I chose mine because I’m interested in corrective exercise and rehabilitation and it has a focus in that area.
  • Make sure it’s financially feasible. If you can’t afford it, find one you can. Pretty self-explanatory, I hope.
  • Don’t stop learning. Read articles, find mentors, and get your hands dirty because your first certification is just the beginning

All that being said, it’s main purpose is to get your foot in the door. Pick one and get after it. It’s a small step on the path to becoming a dangerously good-looking sex panther. Okay, maybe not in your case, but at least now you can start honing your skills, moving forward, and helping as many people as possible. That’s exactly what I intend to do. So, here’s to taking those small shuffles towards your goals so you can be prepared for the long strides when they come along.

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