Trump Tuesday Letter #1

Donald Trump

Dear Donald Trump,

First of all, I am perturbed that Twitter is still your main form of communication to the world. Is this because you are secretly unable to write more than 140 characters? I find that researching your statements and policies primarily on Twitter is problematic since the statements are short, aggressive, and seem to constantly escalate whatever topic may be at hand. However, this seems to be your main mode of communication, so I will take what I can get.

An amplitude of events seems to have taken place this week. Between North Korea, Hurricane Harvey, the military transgender ban, and the disassemblage of DACA, you have been quite busy. I honestly cannot tell at this point which scandal you are using to cover up another one of your blunders. Your determination to escalate tensions between the US, China, and South Korea regarding the nuclear tests in North Korea have diverted attention from the victims and the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. And is your focus on DACA a mere distraction from your military transgender ban and the scandal regarding Sheriff Joe Arpaio? Only you can say.

There is quite a bit to cover here so bear with me.

Foremost, I am deeply disturbed by your reaction to North Korea. How is embarrassing China going to improve the situation? How is calling out South Korea (who has been incredibly resilient) going to help? While not surprised, I am concerned for your aggressive manner. I do not believe you have completely thought this through and I wonder what your end goal is? Are you planning on attacking North Korea? Are you planning on starting a nuclear war? Are these your alternatives to diplomacy? In my humble opinion, I would advise you not to start a nuclear holocaust and please consider less aggressive options.

Furthermore, I find your ban on people who are transgender serving in the military deplorable. I cannot imagine the bravery these people have in their dedication to living their true lives and to serve their country. I ask how you can reject these people when they volunteer to protecting your country? These people are doing your country a great honour and a great service. How dare you take that away from them.

Conclusively, your stance on DACA is one based in racism and bigotry. You are planning on uprooting the lives of 800,000 people. Students, workers, people. The people who live in the US under DACA enhance your society and contribute. A mere technicality is the only reason you can attack them. And why are you focusing on this? I can actually answer that for you. Because you believe people with different cultures, different skin colour, and different beliefs are lesser than you and you are threatened by them. That is the bottom line. But please prove me wrong and rescind your movement to dissolve DACA.

I am hoping that my letters in the future can be shortened and I will not have so much to say. Or that I can go into further detail by concentrating on only a single malefaction instead of a variety of them. And please expect my weekly letters every Tuesday.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.


A Concerned Canadian

P.S. Please check out my website A Canadian Writes America ( where I will be posting this letter.