My new blogging experience

Starting from today, I’m going to write posts in english once a week, trying to enlarge my audience and as a way to emprove my use of the foreign language. So, as first thing, sorry for every mistake that I’ll (for sure) do in my posts, and I’d really appreciate to be corrected in order to make my english blogging everyday better.

Ok, this is just a presentation post. My name’s Andrea Careddu. I’m 22 and I am a “Communication and Advertisint for the Organizations” student at Università di Urbino. I’m graduated in this University in the “Information, Media, Advertising” class of 2013, so I’m working actually on my second degree.

Concerning my professional experience, I love writing as a blogger, and I do this since 2012 (2013 with compensation). My original blogging topic was videogames, but then I gradually moved on the entire world of the consumer technology, from smartphones to PC’s, intrested both in software and hardware. As a result of my studies and my daily user experience, I also have a good attitude in understanding social media, their evolution and the social implications.

I am trying to build my future work on this bases, and this is why I spend part of my “free” time blogging on my website,, and taking care of my social media profiles, specially my Facebook Page, which has the same name as my blog and most of my social media (@ACareddu) profiles, (check it here). Here, I can try to apply personal marketing strategies and test which ones are more effective.

That said, let’s talk a little more of me. I love football — playing but more watching it — and I spend much (maybe too much) time on social media. My favourites are Twitter and Instagram for their direct approach on a particular way of communication (being synthetic on Twitter and being visual on Instagram), but I can’t deny the permeating power of Facebook, so I use this as my main platform, both professionally and privately speaking. I am engaged with @mcmbambi, that really is a red cat.

If you liked this post, follow me in the next weeks for reading histories about technology, social media, marketing, and social implications of their evolution. Thanks for reading! ;-)