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PHOTOS: Thousands in Durban hold peace march against xenophobia

More than 10,000 people joined an anti-xenophobia peace march in Durban, South Africa today after a wave of attacks

PHOTO ESSAY: African migrants make desperate attempt
to escape Italian detention

After being intercepted at sea, a group of nearly 50 Somali and Eritrean migrants made a daring

We’re calling BS: The shooting of Eric Harris is *nothing* like an operating room mistake. (UPDATED)

Earlier this week, Tulsa Sheriff Stanley Glanz defended his friend, 72-year

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Do we really need to sketch this out? Filming cops is *not* a crime (UPDATED)

…though if Texas State Rep. Jason Villalba had gotten his way, it could’ve become a misdemeanor if you…

Back turned, don’t shoot: Protesters rally in the wake
of Walter Scott’s murder

Protesters rally in support of Walter Scott as the policeman who shot him now faces murder charges.

Drought and disparity, in 34 images

As the drought in the American West reaches its fourth year, farming communities struggle while homeowners and golf courses fear for their lawns.

Exclusive interview: Independent Yemeni news outlets sacked, journalists kidnapped

I just got off the phone with Sameer Jubran, editor and co-founder of the independent Yemeni newspaper and website, Al Masdar. According to Jubran, the news organization’s headquarters was just sacked by Houthi militants.

U.S. ambassador to Libya pulls out of Twitter

An awkward day for e-diplomacy as U.S. ambassador Deborah Jones ditches Twitter after Libyans criticized her online

He didn’t lose the battle: Remembering Mohamed Nabbous

Pioneering independent Libyan journalist Mohamed Nabbous died four years ago today.’s Andy Carvin offers this

Tunisians respond defiantly to Bardo Museum terrorist attack

After a terrorist assault left nearly two dozen people dead at Tunisia’s famous antiquity museum, Tunisians rallied in