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#Feb17: From Libya to Bahrain to Boston, Eight Volatile Years on Twitter

Eight years ago today, I joined Twitter. And every February 17 since then, it seems like it’s been a day for…

Graphic footage: fanning the flames or bearing witness? editor-in-chief Andy Carvin challenges his own assumptions of when it’s ethical to publish graphic footage and when…

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Marriott Memories

In any other country, the word “Marriott” conjures up images of yet another mid-range hotel option. In Cairo, the Marriott Zamalek has become architectural subtext for…

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Locals flee Debaltsevo as separatists close in on Ukrainian stronghold

As rebels attack the eastern Ukrainian railway hub of Debaltsevo, more than 2,000 residents are forced to flee…

Malaysia: Devotees flock to Batu Caves on the eve of the Thaipusam Festival

Hindu devotees flocked to the Batu Caves on the eve of the annual Thaipusam festival to fulfill their…

A woman gets injured in a Starbucks and no one there seems to give a damn.

When I entered a Starbucks in downtown Salt Lake City and tripped on a step inside, I had

Baptism By Fire: What We Learned Covering #CharlieHebdo On Our 3rd Day

When’s European team went online Wednesday morning, our reporting operation was less than 48 hours…’s operating hours

Synchronize watches! Today’s our first official day reporting as a team.
Here’s a handy schedule of when to expect us online.

#PressFreedom: Those We Have Lost

At least 60 journalists were killed in the line of duty this year. Here are their names.

The team meets for the first time

Last week in New York City, the team met in person for the very first time (save our incoming colleague Asteris, who joined us…