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The Nepal quake: a Google Earth tour of the destruction

Deadly Odyssey:

A Google Earth tour

of migrants crossing

the Mediterranean

Announcing the website beta

I’m excited to announce that we’ve just launched our first website beta!

The Nepal quake: a Google Earth tour of the destruction

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Deadly Odyssey:

Dreams, nightmares, daydreams…. Write them down before you forget them.

No, this isn’t really much of a collection. Just experimenting.

Rescuers frantically search for survivors of the #NepalQuake

More than 750 people have been killed, and the total number of casualties is expected to rise dramatically.

Imagine the Mariel Boat Lift, yet far, far deadlier: The Mediterranean mass migration crisis

The 35th anniversary of the Mariel Boat Lift is a fitting moment to better

PHOTOS: Thousands in Durban hold peace march against xenophobia

More than 10,000 people joined an anti-xenophobia peace march in Durban, South Africa today after a wave of attacks

PHOTO ESSAY: African migrants make desperate attempt
to escape Italian detention

After being intercepted at sea, a group of nearly 50 Somali and Eritrean migrants made a daring

We’re calling BS: The shooting of Eric Harris is *nothing* like an operating room mistake. (UPDATED)

Earlier this week, Tulsa Sheriff Stanley Glanz defended his friend, 72-year

Do we really need to sketch this out? Filming cops is *not* a crime (UPDATED)

…though if Texas State Rep. Jason Villalba had gotten his way, it could’ve become a misdemeanor if you…

Back turned, don’t shoot: Protesters rally in the wake
of Walter Scott’s murder

Protesters rally in support of Walter Scott as the policeman who shot him now faces murder charges.