Astrology came to the masses

The other day I was buying something in IKEA shop and heard a conversation in the neighbouring queue: “…and now Mercury is in Retrograde, so there’s the confusion with documents and you mustn’t buy anything expensive…”.

When I turned I saw a couple buying something, and the husband talkingeasily about Retro Mercury. Old T-shirt and baseball cap, product bags — he looks like an everyman, not an astrologer.

That’s a very interesting notice: I knew that astrology came to masses but I didn’t realize it’s so close. Such conversations-in-a-queue show that the community is ready for using Astrology widely and going to the next step of studying and using of Astrology. I mean Mashine Learning — it’s going to become a gold mine in Data Analysis. I am sure the humanity will start using this in the next decade.