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The Problems of Thinking

A lot of people do not know that others easily fall for stories and conspiracies that are not true. These people fail to recognize that the brain, and the world, can be faulty. Three different errors in thinking can cause serious problems for individuals.

The first error in thinking that can cause trouble for many human beings is argument from ignorance. The first example is common among Bigfoot believers. Bigfoot is a tall, big, horrifying creature that people claim to see across America. When people see something big and monster like, they will automatically assume that it is Bigfoot because they have no other explanation to prove that it is something else. When people claim to see Bigfoot, they do not realize that it could be something else, like a tree. Another example is common among the belief that Ouija boards work. An Ouija board is a game in which it is used to talk to ghosts or spirits. A group of friends were playing with the Ouija board when suddenly one girl starts throwing up. All the other friends immediately think she got possessed without considering that she can just be sick. The last example is common among people who believe that they saw aliens or have been abducted by them. A couple were driving home that usually took about an hour and a half long, but they got home in just thirty minutes. The couple started freaking out because they considered that they got abducted by aliens. In reality, they must not have realized that time can go fast without realizing it. Although we may not argue from ignorance on purpose, we have to think about other option when looking into skeptical stories.

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Another error in thinking that may cause problems is underestimating chance and coincidence. The first evidence lies among the belief that Tarot Cards work. People, like fortune tellers and magicians, claim that they can see your forthcoming by the Tarot Cards you choose. If a fortune teller tells someone that they will find a job in a short time, and they do, it does not mean that they found the job because the Tarot Cards said that they would. When people experience events that are “told” by Tarot Cards, they do not consider the fact that it can be a coincidence. Another evidence is common among skeptics who believe that 9/11 was planned. People say that a lot of Jews weren’t at work that day at the Twin Towers. So, skeptics believe that Jews did the bombing. Jews not going to work that day is where the coincidence comes in place because Jews not being at work does not say anything about Jews bombing the towers. The last evidence also lies with the belief that Ouija boards work. After a married couple had played the Ouija board, a man told the woman that she would be pregnant and due in June. Soon, the woman got pregnant and gave birth in June, just like the man had told the women. The couple believed that the woman got pregnant because of the Ouija board. There is the chance that the couple could have been trying to have a baby. We must believe that there is chance and coincidence in the world before we make assumptions that “something” happened because of “something else”.

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The last error in thinking that can cause danger to people is argument from authority. This error in thinking is very similar to argument from ignorance, but instead believing that stories and conspiracies are real because people with authority claim that it is true. The first example can be presented by the belief that the Holocaust did not happen. Yes, some people believe that this vast genocide did not occur, including professors. A professor denied a woman’s tattoo who got sent to a concentration camp. He did not believe that the tattoo was real because he claimed that there was no autopsy of Nazi gassing in the concentration camps. The second example is among by the people who think that the Amityville house was haunted after the massacre of a family. A priest, who came to bless the house, claimed that there was evil in the house. A lot of people from then on were convinced that the house was haunted because the priest had said so. The last evidence is among people who claim that vaccines cause autism. Many celebrities, like Donald Trump, believe vaccines cause autism because someone he know’s got autism after vaccination. Many mothers of autistic children think their kids got the disorder after their child got vaccinated. Parents believing their kids got autism after vaccination arose the belief that vaccines do cause autism, although it has been proven that vaccines do not cause autism.

Although some of these conspiracies and stories may not affect us in a physical way, these errors must be kept in mind when thinking. Especially when we hear or read something skeptical, we can fall for made up stories because we will fail to recognize that the brain and the world can be faulty.

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