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“Most conservative evangelicals who are voting for Trump have never been under the illusion that Trump has a puritan past. They are more concerned about the present and whether or not he is more likely than Hillary Clinton to protect their religious liberty, appoint conservative judges and protect the life of the unborn.”

This is NOT pro-life. It is pro-fetus. Pro-life would be: anti-war, anti-poverty, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, provide healthcare, abolish death penalty, etc. The only “pro-life” argument the GOP uses is anti-abortion. The rest? Meh, who cares. Do NOT claim to be prolife. Neither party is perfect here, but my Christian values of caring for others is why I’m a democrat. Their platform is a whole lot more pro-life than the GOP.

If you are pro-life then you should support Clinton over Trump. And that Iran deal — it made for a much more secure region and less nuclear trigger happy. If that isn’t pro-life, I don’t know what is.