The left either kills children in the womb or they use them for their propaganda games.
Claire R. Miller

Really? My 4 yr old LOVES PBS. He’s sad it might not be there. A 7 year old definitely know. 3 and 4 year olds know what a president is and want to be it. A 7 year old definitely knows some politics. And a GOOD family will have the children understanding the civics. By 9 they definitely should know the branches of the government. I had civics in 4th grade (and had the benefit of a parent as a university professor who taught poli-sci.. for the record, he is a moderate democrat, one of his best friends and dept chairs is a conservative republican)

You don’t like what the child has to say… defending something IMPORTANT TO HIM and you accuse him of being a pawn? At what age is a child allowed to participate? Please enlighten us.

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