The story of Frontier Flight 1631, April 26 2016

OK, so, going in I knew that Frontier is a budget airline. They have very low base ticket prices but charge fees for everything. Fees for checked bags, fees for carry-on bags, fees to select your seat, they even charge for soft drinks. And the seats are less comfortable than the ones on the city bus, they don’t even recline in coach.

But our flight from Orlando to LA on 4/26/16 was something to behold. I pretty much lost my mind as you’ll see below.

So even before I interacted with the Frontier gate crew I was cranky because it took us over an hour to get through security. (Our friends have TSA Pre-Check but Frontier refuses to print that on their boarding passes.)

And then the fun started.

A friend replied, “um I am very concerned, ARE YOU IN HELL?!” to which I wrote, “starting to think there was a roller coaster accident that I didn’t survive”.
Never found out if it was because she was scared to fly after all the delays or because she was freaking out about being late for work/class the next day.
This was amazing. Never found out exactly what happened but the flight attendants told us that the replacement attendant agreed to come in, and then later called back and said, “Yeah, no.”

This is about when we hit peak surrealism.

This was a pretty dumb post of me because…
One of the cheerleaders asked if she could trade her aisle 1st class seat for my middle coach seat so she could sit with her boyfriend or something. My wife, who is awesome, said I should take it so I could maybe get some sleep on the flight. At this point I just wanted to get home so I ended up in an aisle seat in the same row as my wife but not next to her. No one else from 1st was willing to do this, probably because they had all actually paid for 1st class. On the up side people thanked me as I walked back.

And then, 5h 40m later…

One of my tweets didn’t go through here… the Frontier baggage claim rep told us, TOLD US, that the bags were delayed because they were having trouble “finding the key to the cargo hatch.” I swear to God.

Oh I also want to point out that no one from any of those Frontier twitter accounts has responded to any of this, as of 12:30pm PST on 4/27. That’s some quality community management right there.