Rheo: A New Way to Experience Video

Today, we are excited to launch Rheo: a new social video platform. It is a continuous stream where you can watch, discover, and react to the best short videos found anywhere. What you discover is curated, personalized, and social, to make sure that what you see is always a better use of your time. Download it for iPhone or enjoy it on the web and Apple TV.


We started with a basic premise: we can perceive moving images faster than we can interpret text. When you launch Rheo on your iPhone, video begins playing immediately. Let the content capture your attention. If it doesn’t, just skip to the next video with a flick of your finger. The next one will already be loaded so you can find something fast. On Rheo you can move through content the way you move through the world, continuously. When you come across something you really love, just tap the lightening heart in the corner to boost and Rheo will make sure you see more like it.

swipe past videos instantly


People and machines need to do what they do best. Algorithms can be powerful, but nothing beats a person with good taste. We believe that curation and personalization together is more elegant than either one on its own.

Rheo learns what you like the more you use it and over time it will intelligently adjust your stream based on what you watch, boost and share.

We strive to have your Rheo stream take you on a journey. And we think you should be able to navigate with your emotion. In the mood to laugh? We’ll make you laugh. Do you need to chill? We’ll help you relax. Instead of asking you what you want to watch, we’ll ask you how you want to feel.

Tune according to your mood


We share a lot of videos. From Instagram, Youtube, news sites, Reddit and everywhere in between. But it’s always just hitting a button and copying a link or shooting off a text with a few words of commentary. On Rheo, we decided that sharing about video should be in video.

React to videos to add to your Reel

One tap and record your Reaction to what you’ve watched. Send your reaction to your audience and they’ll see it right in their stream. If they watch it and boost it, you’ll see that in the Impact section of your Reel.

What’s your Reel? It’s what you probably know as your profile on other Apps, but it’s much more in Rheo. In Rheo, you are a channel; a playback experience. It’s everything you’ve reacted to all in one continuous stream. Your audience can press play on your Reel to experience the journey that you’ve curated and narrated.

Rheo is now available on the iPhone, Apple TV, and the web!