Governor Newsom:

On behalf of ACCE Action and our 16,000 dues-paying families across the state, we want to make sure you know where we stand on the developing proposal to address the looming eviction tsunami.

The members of ACCE, and the communities we work in and on behalf of, are low-income and predominantly African-American and Latinx. These communities — our communities — were facing some of the harshest impacts of the housing crisis prior to the pandemic, with massive push-out of long-time residents and growing homelessness.

We are both saddened and horrified to hear that you may be poised to…

Thursday, March 19th, 2020 — en español abajo

The spread of the coronavirus across the globe is already having far reaching personal and collective impacts. More than ever, every Californian needs shelter from the storm. We all deserve the reassurance of housing and income security as jobs are being lost and the economy is spiraling.

Despite the urgency of the moment, Governor Newsom is shamefully passing the responsibility to protect people onto local governments and financial institutions instead of utilizing his power as the Chief Administrator of the State of California to enact bold measures that will provide collective safety…

ACCE Board President, Sasha Graham, after speaking at Governor Nesom’s signing of the Tenant Protection Act of 2019. Photo by San Francisco Chronicle, Scott Strazzante

One week ago today, Governor Gavin Newsom signed the Tenant Protection Act of 2019 (Assembly Bill 1482) into law as the largest expansion of tenant protections in recent history. The bill will provide protections to 8 million tenants who previously had none by capping rent increases at 5% plus inflation and stopping unfair evictions. This is an incredible victory for the tenant’s rights’ movement, but it did not happen overnight, by magic, or merely by the goodwill of politicians. It happened because of years of tenant organizing.

This victory was both years in the making and the result of an…

Alliance of Californians for Community

ACCE is a multi-racial, non profit, community organization that builds power to fight and stand for economic, racial and social justice.

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