Interesting conversations around how Ghana’s National Health Insurance Authority tells it’s efficiency story at the National Health Insurance Scheme co-creation workshop on data optimization held in Accra, Ghana from March 10–11, 2020. Photo credit: Accelerator

The Accelerator focuses on strengthening countries’ capacity to drive health systems change in a sustainable and institutionalized manner, while helping them tackle specific systems issues that hinder progress across a range of areas. In its first year, the Accelerator began country engagements in Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, and Togo — and regional offices in West Africa and Asia. Download our Year 1 Highlights Report to learn more.

Accelerator Coach Provides Practical Guidance on How to Adapt and Use Global Evidence to Launch the Liberian Health Equity Fund

By Nkem Wellington, Katie Shepard, Stephanie McKay, and Agnes Munyua

Kelechi Ohiri of Health Strategy Delivery Foundation, Accelerator Coach Anthony Gingong, and Samuel Ayamba of USAID/Liberia (left to right) receive a tour of a primary facility in Bong County. (Photo credit: Accelerator)

“Coaching in Liberia was one of the best experiences of my life,” says Anthony Gingong. “I told them I was not coming as a foreigner. I was coming as one of them. That alone eased the tension in the room.”

Passionate exchange in debrief on Togo’s institutional architecture for accelerating its journey toward universal health coverage. (Photo credit: Accelerator/Peter Hansen)

Existing efforts to improve community health outcomes in West Africa recognize the need for (and difficulty of) complex and innovative interventions — ones that apply systems thinking, tackle multiple health systems “building blocks” at once, and likely require new models for financing and delivering quality health services, especially to vulnerable…

The Accelerator provided technical and financial support for a National Dialogue on Health Financing, organized by the Ivorian Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene, in Abidjan from April 15–18. The National Dialogue brought together government, partner, civil society, and private sector stakeholders to discuss improved health financing strategies and define…

Representatives from Global Challenge Corporation and the Fonds National de Lutte contre le sida meet in Abidjan to kickoff work on sustainable financing for HIV. (From Left to Right) Eustache Akpane (Director, GCC), Dr. Adama Diabaté (Deputy Director of Resource Mobilization, FNLS), Raymond Bleou (Consultant, GCC), and Augustin Akra (Consultant, GCC). (Photo credit: Meredith Lathrop/Accelerator)

Global Challenge Corporation (GCC) will join the Accelerator consortium of partners to support Côte d’Ivoire’s progress towards sustainable financing for the HIV transition. …

Representatives from across Liberia’s Ministry of Health participate in a two-day costing working from April 25–26, 2019. (Photo credit: Accelerator)

To help Liberia overcome systemic health systems challenges, the Accelerator is partnering with Liberia’s Ministry of Health (MOH) to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of public health financing for the Liberian Health Equity Fund — its vision for a national health insurance model.

After years of civil wars and an…

Anthony Gingong, former Director of Provider Payment for Ghana’s National Health Insurance Authority, provides guidance to Ministry of Health officials as they make decisions around implementation of revolving drug funds as a precursor to the introduction of the Liberian Health Equity Fund. (Photo credit: Accelerator)

Achieving better population health outcomes requires strong, self-sustaining health systems, but driving systems-level change in countries is hard — it’s a continual process that is context-driven and requires navigating complex political, economic and institutional landscapes. …

Tackling complex health systems challenges requires multi-sectoral collaboration. The HSS Accelerator team had a working session with the public National HIV Fund and private-sector business coalition in Abidjan as part of our work on sustainable finance for HIV. Photo credit: Meredith Lathrop/R4D

WASHINGTON, DC — Results for Development (R4D) today announced that the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has selected the organization to lead a new five-year global initiative: The Health Systems Strengthening Accelerator (HSS Accelerator). This global platform will connect locally-driven health system reforms and innovations with global knowledge, enhance…

Health Systems Strengthening Accelerator

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