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In today’s world it is very important for a business to be able to gain insights from data and also to gather this data. However, it is very difficult to build a data processing and analyzing stack from scratch. It costs a lot of money as well as software and manpower to be able to create everything needed for a business to have access to data analytical tools. The adventure of platforms for data analytics is about to change all of that so that all businesses will be able to compete on equal footing.

Analytics as a service with data?

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The question for today then is, what is data? “Big data” just refers to the massive data sets that companies now work with. It used to be that companies would be processing gigabytes of information. Now they are processing terabytes and even in some cases petabytes of information. The ever-increasing size of data has led to the term Data science coming into common conversation and tools being created to work with this data.

What is Analytics? Data Analytics as a service?

Analytics allows you gain more insights about who is visiting your web page or interacting with your service. It’s your eyes and ears in the digital world. It allows you to get informed about what is happening. These tools allow you to do a lot and gain knowledge that can lead to more profits and better customer satisfaction.

What is Big Data Analytics?

Big data analytics as a service brings together both concepts. You are able to gather terabytes of information and process it. It can be very difficult and time-consuming. That is why a lot of great people created many tools to gather and process this data. These tools operate on an on an unimaginable scale. They allow companies to process massive data sets almost instantaneously across thousands of computers and servers. They offer powerful visualization tools to help you visualize everything that is going on.

Big Data Solutions

There are many great Data Analysis tools such as Apache Hadoop and a spark. These tools allow you to distribute your data set across thousands of servers and then segmented and process the information before putting it all back together. This is all done automatically for you with Hadoop offering a file system that comes with it. This enables even people who aren’t tech savvy to be able to create their own data processing cluster to work with data.

There are also many other great tools such as the R programming language. This is geared toward statisticians, but it is also something that can be used for processing your data sets. It helps you get insights and other knowledge from your data. The advantage of R is that there are many packages that help you manipulate and process information as well as a development environment suited to solving statistical problems.

To summarize you have

  • R Programming language
  • Apache Hadoop
  • Apache Storm
  • HDinsights

Analytics as Platform

One of the biggest innovations in the field of data science and analytics is the advent of services as a platform. This allows you to be nimble and to outsource infrastructure so you can focus on what really matters which is the data. You are able to simply upload your data and then have an entire platform that is dedicated to processing and ingesting the data to give you the tools required to manipulate it. End to End Analytics is the future.

Benefits of End to End Analytics Platform as a Service

  • No need for your own servers
  • One Tool for everything
  • Pay for only what you need
  • No need to be a programming expert

There are many other benefits data platforms. There are many things that can be added by the platform provider. You could have a graphical user interface that allows you to drag and drop, which you make it a lot easier for you to create workflows and process your data. You don’t need to deploy anything which means a lot of the complexity is taken away from you. There are even some providers that will allow you access to pre-built machine learning algorithms that will help you gain even more insight from your data.

Big data analytics as platform allows you to serve yourself. You will enjoy a higher performance because you know you are running on the best hardware available and you only pay for what you use. You will be able to collaborate as well because a lot of these tools are built with collaboration in mind, and will bring your data scientists and analysts together.

Data Analytics Services

It is important to turn your data into answers. These services from big data services companies allow you to do just that. There are many things that can be answered and your business can benefit a lot from it. You will be able to process and connect your organization with a lot of simple tools. There are even tools for you to visualize. You can enhance your campaigns and make your business a lot more effective by using these amazing tools. There are many businesses that will benefit such as marketing firms, advertising agencies, and e-commerce platforms. If you’re looking for a solution to turbocharge your business, then data analytics is the most important thing that you can have.

Enterprise Big Data Solutions

End to end self-service analytics is the thing of the future for the enterprise. These tools cover every step of the process. Everything you need from discovering the data, to processing and visualizing it. You will find everything you need to make sure that you are doing something good with your data and it is valuable to your business. You will be able to use algorithms to find patterns and gain insight that can lead to actions that help your business.

There also enterprise tools with everything prebuilt for you so you don’t even need to know how to write code. With the advent of these tools, someone who is not working in technology can do even the most complex data analysis tasks and gain the insights that will help the business grow. These tools are democratizing analytics business so that enterprise clients are able to leverage new software to be able to win the war for customers. Data can go further with all of these visualization tools and the advent of the cloud which allows computing power on a massive scale for almost anyone.

Analytics Tools for Big Data

It is even more important to have a unified stack for all of your data applications. It used to be that only programmers could access data processing. Tools such as Hadoop dominated the landscape and allowed massive calculations on thousands of commodity servers to be done by enterprise users. In today’s world, there are more tools for data. Companies are able to have self-service platforms with beautiful dashboards and drag-and-drop interfaces.

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These tools make it easier than ever for anyone no matter their technical knowledge to be able to analyze massive data sets and gain knowledge from raw data. Real-time tools with machine learning algorithms enable businesses to level the playing field. There are so many things you could learn how to do. You could use algorithms to figure out what makes your customers happy and then use these patterns to create even happy customers. You could see where customers are coming from and get traffic from those areas. This new age of analytics and data processing will make it easier than ever to turn raw analytical data into profits.

You no longer need to be an expert to be able to manage clusters of analytical tools and process terabytes or even petabytes of data.

Unlock the Power of Open source Tools

If you’re looking to process massive data sets without giving up your Hadoop clusters, then there are even tools out there that can help you leverage your existing cluster. No matter what size your cluster is, you will benefit from being able to add new capacity and do more. You are able to keep working with your own cluster and when the need arises, you will be able to outsource the rest of the data processing requirements to another platform.

Data Visualization

Data visualization is one of the most important aspects of data science. This is where data starts to mean something that is tangible in the real world. This is why there are many great tools that will give you maximum control over how your data is visualized. You will be able to get actionable insights by looking at how your data is. You can check out some useful data insights and resources here.

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It is no longer enough for you to visualize your data with tools similar to Excel. Today’s world requires modern tools that give you beautiful and colorful bars, charts, and graphs. These allow you to see how your data relates to things in the real world. Visualizing data is one of the cornerstones of success when it comes to turning data into actions that will help your business grow and improve.


Today’s world makes it a lot easier for you to turn your data into actionable insights. There are a number of wonderful tools that will help you and they are all platforms. As someone in a corporation, you are now able to have access to a wide array of tools that are easy to use yet powerful.